Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Does It Hurt?

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Huang Yize’s gaze changed. Under the soft rays of the sun, he was as dazzling and elegant as a painting. He lowered his head and looked at Yun Bilu. “Weren’t you tired? Why are you standing here?”

Yun Bilu raised her head and revealed a radiant smile. “I was waiting for you. Since they’re all saying that we’re a couple, people will misunderstand and think we got into a fight if we don’t leave together!”

“Yun Bilu!”

“I’m here.”

Huang Yize looked at her deeply. “Since you’re not tired, follow me to my dorm. I have some documents for you to look at.”

“Sure.” Yun Bilu skipped as she followed Huang Yize towards the student union’s dormitory.

As Huang Yize and Yun Bilu walked on the school grounds, a lot of people looked at the pair with envious eyes.

“So, the two of them are really an item.”

“The rumors are real?”

“Young Master Huang is said to be a very cold person. If he wasn’t willing, no girls would be able to get near to him. Only this Yun Bilu is an exception!”

“Don’t tell me, the reason why it’s Yun Bilu is because she kept going at it, which eventually moved Young Master Huang?”

“Actually, that’s not it. Just put it this way, Young Master Huang gave Yun Bilu a lot of chances to woo him. The other girls did not even get the chance to do so.”

“The man is handsome, while the woman is beautiful. It just makes everyone envious of them.”

As Huang Yize walked forward, Yun Bilu followed behind him while skipping, twirling around playfully.

All of a sudden, Huang Yize stopped, making Yun Bilu bump into his back and hit her nose. It was in such a pain that tears threatened to fall.

Why is his back so hard?

Turning around, Huang Yize saw Yun Bilu trying to hold back her tears. She raised her head and glared into his eyes in a silent reprimand.

Huang Yize’s expression softened slightly. His gaze, which was clouded over, carried a trace of something deep and complicated. “You aren’t watching where you’re going?”

Yun Bilu puckered her lips and muttered. “You’re the one who stopped suddenly. Who allowed your back to be this hard? My nose hurts.”

Something changed in Huang Yize’s gaze, and he paused for a moment before speaking, “Okay, it’s all my fault, alright? Does it still hurt?”

Yun Bilu widened her eyes, not crying despite the teary eyes. What did he just say? Did he just ask if she was hurting? Huang Yize said something like that?

He actually asked her if she was hurting. His words were no longer aloof, and instead, carried a trace of gentleness. Truly, for Yun Bilu, she was already used to Huang Yize’s cold words. Hearing that hint of gentleness in his voice was already the greatest warmth.

Seeing Yun Bilu’s reaction, Huang Yize’s expression darkened. “Since you’re not hurting, let’s go then!”

In an instant, Yun Bilu reacted and rushed forward to grab Huang Yize’s arm. “It hurts, it still hurts, it really does.” However, a trace of happiness seeped through her voice, and her eyes curved into crescents. The tears from before were nowhere to be found.

For a moment, the corners of Huang Yize’s lips tilted up a bit as he glanced quickly at her. He replied plainly, “Since you have the energy, it must mean that it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Hey, Huang Yize. Yize, my nose really hurts, comfort me a little…”

In that way, accompanied with crisp and cheerful sounds, the two arrived at the student union’s dormitory.

The two of them appearing together had become such a norm by now that even the security guard uncle wasn’t bothered anymore—they were famous people who roused the interest of the whole school after all.

Coming to such a big dormitory building, it was also the first time Yun Bilu could observe here in a relaxed mood. It was really clean, tidy, and organized. Her own dormitory could not compare to this!

Huang Yize took out a set of documents for Yun Bilu, and picked out the more important ones for her.

Yun Bilu dutifully looked at the documents, but she felt that something was off in this situation. “Huang Yize, why do I get the feeling that I’m a lady-in-waiting, picking out the important decrees and appeals for Young Master Huang?”