Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Yun Bixue Is Not Hello Kitty

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Yun Bixue waited for him in her car.

When she saw people walking out of the building, she recognized three to four of them. Were they from the video who plotted for his husband to meet with another woman?

Seeing these people, a frosty glint shone in her eyes.

Yun Bixue got off from her car and walked briskly towards the group. When she stopped in front of them, she removed her sunglasses and stretched out her hand. Smiling elegantly, she said, “Section Chief Liu, Director Li…”

The three of them who were walking recognized Yun Bixue and were startled for a moment. Without knowing why, their conscience started feeling guilty and they passionately exclaimed, “Ah, Miss Yun, we didn’t expect to see you here. A pleasure to meet you.”

Yun Bixue’s lips curled up into a light smile. “You’re wrong. I’m Madam Xie now. I heard that you guys brought my husband for lunch. I will thank you guys one by one in the future!” The ‘thank you’ was emphasized heavily by Yun Bixue.

Right now, she was emphasizing on her status as Madam Xie.

Just because she didn’t usually exert her status these people really thought that they could step all over her? Drag her husband out to meet another beauty? She would deal with them.

The three paled considerably. They were all officials in the field and obviously heard the implications in Yun Bixue’s voice. What could they do about this? They were all jittery the whole afternoon because they thought Young Master Xie would deal with them, but nothing happened so far. Just when they thought they could get a breather, they unexpectedly bumped into this Yun Bixue.

They had heard some rumors with regards to Yun Bixue, so they knew to a certain degree. Looking at this person, who was smiling elegantly without it reaching her eyes, a sudden regret washed over them about their participation in that plot.

“Madam Xie, it’s only natural for us to take care of Young Master Xie. Young Master Xie doesn’t like such social meetings. This was the first time and we’ve only managed to convince him by using your name. If not, he wouldn’t have went. We understand now and there won’t be such meetings in the future.” Section Chief Liu was a smooth talker. His words also carried the meaning to Yun Bixue that they would never do this again.

On the other hand, Director Li did not feel the same way as he eyed Yun Bixue. He believed that a man should be accompanied by several women, so he did not understand why Young Master Xie only stuck close to Yun Bixue. She was pretty, but a little too cold. She lacked the traits of a lovable and timid woman.

These people did not know that despite her cold and elegant exterior in front of strangers, she was extremely gentle in front of Xie Limo. Her uniqueness was something she showed only to Xie Limo.

Director Li chuckled. “Madam Xie seems to be very worried about Young Master Xie. Asking about everything, you sound pretty strict…” Another chuckle followed his remark.

Yun Bixue’s face turned cold. She would put this Director Li in a spot later.

She remembered the words that Xie Limo often said to her—she needed to take on the mantle of Madam Xie and learn to use her authority as one.

Thinking about it, a crafty glint flashed across her eyes as she took out her cell phone, dialing Xie Limo’s number.

Xie Limo had just called Manager Sun, the in-charge for Luxury Emperor, requesting for him to do a major cleanup—fire anyone who was involved in that afternoon plot.

He was about to put his cell phone down when his ringtone rang. His expression softened when he saw who it was. “Hello.”

A gentle and soft voice came from the cell phone. “Husband, I just reached your office and was about to drive you home for dinner, but someone said that I was too strict with you. I feel so wronged…”

Yun Bixue deliberately allowed the others to listen to the phone call. Using a soft and cute voice, she wanted to tell these people to give up on Xie Limo. She was still here, and will remain here.

Hearing Yun Bixue’s instant change from a cold person to a gentle one, Section Chief Liu and Director Li didn’t even have the time to react. The difference was too… drastic.