Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Preparing To Reel In The Net

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Hearing the cute and soft voice from his cell phone, Xie Limo was surprised for a moment. Amusement colored his face and after confirming that it was his wife’s voice, he chuckled softly. “My dear, rest assured. Whoever said those things about you, I will definitely not forgive him.”

“Hubby, you have to clear it up for me. I’m not strict at all. These people are spouting nonsense.”

“Yes, I will. My wife is the best, the most gentle, and the most understanding person. Don’t listen to the nonsense others say. This is our relationship and it’s none of their business.” As Xie Limo said the last sentence, his expression became frosty.

He would make the life of whoever made his wife upset miserable.

In the end, Director Li left in a fury while the rest of them left with slightly dejected faces. Yun Bixue swaggered into the building.

It was not known what Xie Limo did behind the scenes, but after a few days, the news reported that Director Li was scared of his wife. He even kneeled on a keyboard in their garden in the middle of the night. The news was accompanied by a photo which caused an uproar.

Following this news, Director Li’s past actions were all exposed. From corruption to accepting bribes, to using his authority to bully others—all sorts of his misdeeds were reported.

Eventually, Director Li admitted to his crimes and was jailed.

When Section Chief Liu and the remaining people saw what became of Director Li, they all shivered and brought countless gifts for Yun Bixue. However, they were unable to see her at all.

Section Chief Liu and the rest passed the next few days in fear. Finally, they were all demoted to entry level positions with no authority. Instead of complaining, they were all relieved beyond measure. After all, compared to what became of Director Li, their punishment was much better. It was a relief for them that they did not offend Miss Yun the other day.

This incident was eventually spread out of the company.

The next time Yun Bixue came to find Xie Limo at the main building, even before she entered it, people from the front desk came to greet her respectfully. Any other person who saw her also greeted respectfully, “Madam Xie!”

Yun Bixue didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry at the situation. However, this sort of oppressive feeling did feel quite satisfying. She had to at least warn everyone to stop cooking up schemes related to her husband.

With regards to his wife’s performance and the way she was concerned about it, Mr. Xie was very satisfied and a smile lingered on his mouth every day.

In this massive cleanup of Luxury Emperor, a lot of people were fired. Even if they regretted their actions, cried or begged, it was all useless.

Despite the cleanup, Manager Sun still had to forfeit a year’s worth of bonus because this happened due to his incompetency in management. Manager Sun accepted his punishment without any complaints—it was his fault after all.

Young Master Xie hated it the most when people would try to hook him up with beautiful women. As a manager, he had neglected this aspect. He was already very thankful that his position wasn’t retracted from him by Young Master Xie.

Yun Bixue also ordered Yun Dong to reel in the nets for the Du family and the Zheng family. The Zheng family in particular was not to be spared.

Yun Dong was so excited to receive the order that she bounced on her feet. She almost managed to throw the Du family into the skies if it weren’t for keeping herself in check. Under her careful planning and elaborate schemes, the Du family’s father and son fought because of women, while Madam Du and the Du family’s financial officer took the money and fled. However, halfway through their escape, Madam Du was abandoned by the financial officer.

The Du family blamed the Zheng family for everything that had happened. Because of this, the two families went from being allies to enemies.

When Yun Dong reported this to Yun Bixue, the latter was very satisfied with the results. After all, achieving victories without even having to taint their swords was still the best.

Amongst the noble families, Yun Bixue’s great name was heard everywhere. Who would’ve thought that the unremarkable Yun Bixue would evolve into such a frightening existence in such a short span of six months?

The weather gradually became warmer. The short drama series that Su Lenghan invested in for Su Lengxian was about to air as well. Su Lengxian even participated in the press conference, but as she looked around, she couldn’t see her elder brother’s figure. She blamed all of these on Meng Xinyan, and felt fury within her heart.