Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Promoting The New Drama

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Wearing a cold expression, Su Lengxian angrily waited for the press conference to come to an end. Her expressions were all recorded on camera. Everyone in the audience said that she was born with the face of a vicious female supporting role, so much so that she didn’t even have to act to portray such expressions.

This made her even more furious. Without a care for anything, Su Lengxian rushed to return home when the conference ended to settle scores with Meng Xinyan.

Her elder brother promised to come to her press conference, but till the end, he did not come.

When she was leaving in a hurry, someone pulled her back. Su Lengxian turned around and stared for a moment before she recognized this extravagantly dressed woman in thick makeup.

“Li Wenhui? Why are you pulling me?” Su Lengxian once helped Li Wenhui, but it wasn’t because she really wanted to help her. Rather, she was just unhappy with Meng Xinyan, so she created an opportunity between her elder brother and Li Wenhui.

Who would’ve thought that the honest and dull Li Wenhui could change into the person in front of her right now?

Li Wenhui sincerely said, “Miss Su, please help me once more. I can’t meet Young Master Su now, but I—”

Without letting her finish, Su Lengxian cut her off coldly. “Li Wenhui, why don’t you take a good look at yourself. Who are you to try to cling on to the Su family? You’re begging me? What kind of relationship do we have? Besides, if my elder brother doesn’t like you, stop chasing after him. It makes me feel disgusted just by watching it.” Su Lengxian hated anyone who clinged on his elder brother.

“No, it’s not that. I just want to meet Young Master Su.”

“Get lost. Don’t grab my shirt. You think you are something just because you had a one-night stand with him? My brother doesn’t like you, so you better get lost. Get out of my way.”

“But he doesn’t like Meng Xinyan either, so it would be better to let me stay by his side.”

Su Lengxian looked at Li Wenhui, who was infatuated with her elder brother, and compared her to herself. Her eyes shone with envy. These people could at least show their affection for her elder brother publicly, but as his younger sister, she couldn’t do anything.

“You are not worthy and do not have the capabilities which prevents me even more from helping you.” After speaking, Su Lengxian flung Li Wenhui away and ran out. However, because she was in a hurry and not paying attention, she bumped into someone at the entrance.

She looked down and saw a beggar. After scolding the beggar, she turned around to leave.

Yun Mengshi raised her head and eyed Su Lengxian before saying, “You’re just fortunate to have an elder brother back you up.”

Su Lengxian heard a familiar voice from behind and snapped her head back. She pointed at Yun Mengshi with a shocked expression. “You— You—” How did she become a beggar?

Yun Mengshi looked down at herself, tugging at her tattered clothes. “It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? I became like this all because of Qin Huailing. If it weren’t for him exposing everything about me to the reporters, I would never end up like this!”

Su Lengxian shuddered in panic, her whole body shivering involuntarily. She was indeed lucky to have her elder brother. If she did not have him, when all her deeds were exposed, she might have already ended up like Yun Mengshi.

Su Lengxian returned home to find her elder brother, but he couldn’t be found. She only found out afterwards that Su Lenghan accompanied Meng Xinyan to the gynecologist.

Meng Xinyan’s belly was already big and it was inconvenient for her to move around. Knowing that Su Lengxian’s press conference was today, she deliberately said that her stomach hurt. Su Lenghan had no choice but to accompany her to the hospital. Because of this, Su Lengxian was left hanging.

Su Lengxian went to the hospital and quarreled loudly with Meng Xinyan. When this was reported in the news, the Su family was once again under public attention. This time, Su Lengxian’s new drama did not need any further advertising. Their fight which was reported had a better effect than advertisements. For this reason, the director even praised Su Lengxian.

This made Su Lengxian’s face turn into numerous shades of fury.