Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Unable To Retreat

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Su Lengxian wanted to scream out loud that she truly hated Meng Xinyan, and that what she did was not to promote her new drama. However, even if she said that, no one would believe her.

After this incident, Su Lenghan also talked to Su Lengxian. He sounded a little tired as he sighed. “Lengxian, you’re already an adult and should understand the rules of the entertainment industry. But you should also know that our Su family can no longer withstand anymore setbacks, especially since your sister-in-law is pregnant. What if something happened to the baby? Don’t be so rash in the future. If you need to promote, I can invest in ads for you, alright?”

Su Lengxian widened her eyes and stared unbelievably at her elder brother. In her elder brother’s heart, was her image like that? That she would use underhanded means for her own benefit?

So, this was what she was in her elder brother’s heart.

“Elder brother, if I said that this wasn’t to blow up the new drama, but rather because I don’t like Meng Xinyan, would you believe me?”

“Lengxian, you’re a mature lady and should already understand that we are one family. You shouldn’t place your personal feelings on your family.” All of Su family’s weight fell upon Su Lenghan which tired him immensely.

Su Lengxian was furious, but she didn’t show it. Gritting her teeth, she hesitated a moment before saying, “Elder brother, I bumped into Li Wenhui after the press conference. She wants to meet you.”

Su Lenghan’s expression turned cold before continuing with a sigh, “I want to live a proper and stable life with your sister-in-law. I don’t want to consider anything else. If what she wanted was money, she can bring it up to me. But if it is anything else, I cannot give it to her.”

Su Lengxian, who was testing the waters, saw her elder brother’s cold expression and felt dissatisfied. “Elder brother, is that Meng Xinyan so good? She made so many mistakes, so why are you still protecting her? Why are you still willing to be together with her?”

Su Lenghan couldn’t say that it was because he was too tired. The Su family couldn’t withstand anymore blows, but because of the child and the responsibility he had, he wanted to live peacefully. It didn’t matter how bad Meng Xinyan was—he had chosen her initially after all.

Most importantly, this marriage alliance between the Su and Meng family helped the Su Family Organization push through. No one knew about the internal situation of the company. There was a shortage of funds, difficulty in operations, and falling stock prices. Major stockholders were already dumping Su Family Organization’s stocks in search for other alternatives.

He couldn’t say any of these. No one could understand his feelings. Men had to be like that. Even if they had a mouthful of blood, they had to swallow it down no matter how bitter it was.

There was no fallback for the Su family, and it was the same for him.

“Lengxian, when you get married in the future, you have to find someone with a good character. Take your time loving each other and understand more before settling down, okay? If someone treats you well, you have to cherish it.”

Hearing Su Lenghan’s weighty advice, Su Lengxian couldn’t understand his meaning. She thought that his words were meant to protect Meng Xinyan which made her resent her sister-in-law even more.

When it was time to get off from work, Su Lenghan received a call from Meng Xinyan. “Lenghan, the baby moved today. Come home for dinner and let’s eat together, okay? If not, I wouldn’t be able to eat as well.”


After that single word, Su Lenghan stood up to pick his bag and asked Su Lengxian, “Do you want to go home and have dinner together?”

Su Lengxian’s heart was filled with anger and envy. Without a word, she turned around and ran away.

Su Lenghan didn’t know how to deal with Su Lengxian. His head was aching and he was exhausted, so he went to the toilet to wash his face to clear his mind before returning home.

Under the harsh and dim lights at the Zheng family’s entrance, the Du and Zheng families were in a confrontation. Eventually, their bickering turned into a free-for-all.

Yun Dong, who was at the side, further fueled the fire. “Master Du, if it weren’t for them pushing us to stick out like a sitting duck, the Du family wouldn’t become like this. Not only that, Master Zheng wanted to snatch me because he took a liking to my looks. You have to stand up for me. And there was that financial officer… It was the Zheng family who vouched for him, saying that he was from overseas… Back then, the Zheng family even wanted Miss Zheng to marry Young Master, but afterwards, I’m sure that they thought the Du family was not good enough for them. I even heard that Miss Zheng went to seduce Young Master Xie!”