Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 386

Chapter 386 The Two Big Families Fight

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After being triggered by Yun Dong, Old Master Du glared at Old Master Zheng furiously. “It’s all your fault. If it weren’t for you, the Du family wouldn’t end up like this. You’re so shameless for still wanting to snatch Dong’er.”

“You’re the shameless one. I don’t even know who this Dong’er is. Stop slandering me.”

“You made your daughter seduce Young Master Xie. You simply didn’t discuss it with my Du family. Are you regretting working together with my Du family? Now that you’ve failed, do you want to kick my family aside?”

“Your Du family is just an empty shell, but you still want to get associated with my Zheng family?

Fat chance. Look at that son of yours. You still wish for him to be matched with my daughter? Pfft…”

Amidst the bickering, Old Master Du suddenly felt as though he had been kicked. He leaped in anger and yelled, “Who was it? Which bastard dared to kick me? Come out now!”

Yun Dong exclaimed, “Oh my… Old Master, I saw it. It was Old Master Zheng who kicked you. He did it when you weren’t paying attention. Ahh… Old Master, be careful…”

In the end, the scene grew increasingly chaotic. Yun Dong stepped forward to stop the fight and accidentally punched someone. This ‘accident’ led to a series of more punches.

She was having a ball of a time as her fists landed firmly on these people. She didn’t show any mercy towards Miss Zheng—she rained punches on the latter till her face swelled and was covered in bruises.

During this free-for-all, Zheng Xiaoshu’s shrill cries of pain sounded endlessly. She didn’t even know who was hitting and kicking her.

Eventually, she fell on the ground and got trampled over by everyone. Someone had exerted so much strength that a few of her bones had been broken. With a ‘crack’ sound, her whole body ached so intensely that she trembled.

“Ahh… Someone, help. Pull me up… Someone…” In the end, the cries that Zheng Xiaoshu let out were void of energy. Her arms and legs were broken, and some of her ribs were even shattered.

Yun Dong jumped around, appearing to be stopping the fight, but she was actually exploiting the opportunity to step and trample all over Zheng Xiaoshu. This was such a liberating feeling and felt much better than jumping on sandbags during training. At the moment, the ground where she landed on was much softer, and she could hear the ‘sandbag’ beneath her crying out in pain. It was so pleasing to the ears!

She wanted to trample Zheng Xiaoshu to her death. How dare she try to seduce Young Master Xie? He was her Miss’ husband. Who was this insignificant person named Zheng Xiaoshu? If she didn’t hurt Zheng Xiaoshu till she cried, she wouldn’t be called Yun Dong.

Zheng Xiaoshu passed out several times, but was roused by Yun Dong’s continuous kicking.

It was unclear how much time had passed when the police cars arrived. They took in people from both families to record their statements.

Watching the police cars escort them away, Yun Dong whistled and returned to the Yun family as though nothing had happened. She would have a good night’s rest, and come back after a few days for more fun!

If she were to take on more of such missions, her life would be so much fun. She actually hadn’t had enough stomping all over them!

In the end, the police officers recorded all the statements and detained a few of them with more serious implications. The rest of them were released. Nonetheless, Zheng Xiaoshu was still unconscious. Almost no one could remember how she initially looked like.

When she was sent to the hospital, the doctors all shook their heads, and they sighed as they examined her X-rays.

A few days later, Zheng Xiaoshu became conscious. Her entire body was in unbearable pain. Also, she discovered that her whole body was wrapped up tightly with bandages. She didn’t know who was so malicious to intentionally place a large mirror in front of her bed. Looking at the person reflected in the mirror, she screamed and promptly fainted.

The Du and Zheng families couldn’t escape being isolated. During the auction, Meng Xintong brought a trunk of cash and checks to the auction site. She even brought the secret agreement that the Du and Zheng families shared. Without a doubt, Meng Xintong seized the two families over at a low price.