Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 39

Chapter 39: A Pretentious and Hypocritical Lady

As Xie Limo walked along the corridor, a crisp voice shouted suddenly, "Young Master Xie!" The voice sounded surprised and eager.

The doctors and nurses who dared not to make any sound all collectively quivered. Their sight fell instantly on that fearless individual.

The woman before their eyes was petite and attractive, and as beautiful as a butterfly. She took small steps over to Young Master Xie's side.

The nurses who had experienced yesterday's harrowing incident all hurriedly vacated this perilous area.

Xie Limo paused in his steps and looked back slightly, his enchanting eyes showed a hint of impatience. He offered only a fleeting glance before turning back and continuing on his way.

Feeling wronged, Yun Mengshi quickened her pace and said softly, "Young Master Xie, I am here to see Elder Sister. I made her some chicken soup dearly."

Some nurses showed contempt in their eyes. From one glance, they could tell that she was pretentious and a hypocrite. How could she address Yun Bixue so affectionately as 'Elder Sister' when she had not treated the latter so warmly yesterday?

From the looks of it, she had come for Young Master Xie. Going after her own sister's husband, she was indeed shameless.

Women typically understood women best.

Seeing that Yun Mengshi was moving closer to Young Master Xie, Xie Liu reached out before Yun Mengshi to block her. He said blankly, "Miss, please stay here. I will bring in your things."

Yun Mengshi frowned and firmly gripped the rice box in her hands as she stared blankly at the figure walking away. Her heart felt hollow and unsatisfied.

"Miss!" Xie Liu maintained his typical gentlemanly conduct, but his eyes appeared stern.

Ultimately, Yun Mengshi could only pass the box of food to Xie Liu reluctantly. She inquired delicately, "Could I go in to see Elder Sister?"

"Our Young Madam needs to rest, and she will not see just any outsider!" She must have thought he was blindback then at the Luxury Emperor Ballroom, it was this woman who had grabbed onto Young Madam and caused her to fall the second time again.

Yun Mengshi turned pale. She had been labeled as an outsider... When she snapped out of her shock, she started processing her thoughts. What had this man address Yun Bixue as? Young Madam?

No, it must be wrong. How could her elder sister have married Young Master Xie? Nobody in her family was aware of this. What was going on?

She might have misheard. Just as she was about to chase after them, they had already disappeared out of sight. Outside the room stood two rows of guards and no one could get near.

Yun Mengshi could only trudge forward unwillingly. She wanted to rush back to ask her grandma.

Xie Liu brought the rice box to the room. "Young Madam, this is from a person who claimed to be your younger sister."

Xie Limo tucked Yun Bixue in, and the corner of his lips twitched. "Throw it away."

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo and said with a smile in her eyes, "My younger sister is thoughtful, however, in the Yun family, I only have one blood-related sister who is currently studying overseas. I have no other sister."

Xie Liu nodded courteously and threw the rice box into the rubbish bin.

In a prison.

A spiritless and acutely gaunt individual in a prison uniform was led out. "Someone asked to see you!"

Limping, he hobbled outside. When he saw the person outside the metal gates, his expressions changed. "My wife, why are you here? What happened?" He almost could not recognize her. She used to be exquisitely beautiful but instead looked like a boorish woman from the countryside now. She also had strands of white hair.

"Da Quan, how could you do this... Our household is in ruins. Even our children are being assaulted on the streets..." The woman started to lament her mistreatment for the past few days.

Zhu Quan widened his eyes in disbelief as they flashed with panic. His blistered and worn-out hands grasped the railings tightly. "F*ck, didn't I already leave you a sum of money?"