Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Value

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When Chen Pei snapped out of her shock, she yelled, “That’s impossible. You must be trying to claim them for yourself. The Meng family has raised you all these years, yet you treat us like this! You want to get hold of the Meng family’s money!”

Father Meng looked at Meng Xintong with reproachful eyes. “Xintong, it’s not an easy feat to raise you.”

How could Meng Xintong not read between the lines? Deep down, she was furious, but she remained calm. Looking straight at Father Meng, her calm eyes regarded him with a frosty glint.

Father Meng felt guilty all of a sudden. Being stared at by those eyes, he stuttered, “Xintong, those things belong to the Meng family, so you should hand them over. I’ve already prepared some dowry for you. You don’t have to worry that you don’t have money.”

Meng Xintong truly wanted to laugh. She wanted to throw her head back and guffaw to her heart’s content. This was her father. This was the person that her mother had foolishly loved. It was ridiculous. From today onwards, she wouldn’t harbor a trace of hope towards the Meng family anymore.

“Father, I said that those businesses don’t belong to me. No matter what you say or do, it’s useless. They’re not mine in the first place, so how could I hand them over?”

“Nonsense! You just want them for yourself.”

Meng Xintong glared coldly at Chen Pei and said, “Aunt Chen, you seem to have forgotten that a few months ago, there were rumors about your past. I heard that someone is currently checking on the details of what occurred back then. I guess Aunt Chen would also be interested to learn more about it.”

The blood drained from Chen Pei’s face. She began to feel uneasy. “What nonsense are you spouting? Come on, eat some more.” Throughout their meal, she always felt jittery. Her heart felt even more guilty, gravely afraid that Father Meng would find out.

Father Meng looked curiously at Chen Pei. Could there really be something wrong with her?

Chen Pei gave Father Meng a sidelong glance, sending him a seductive look. She arched her eyes as she revealed a flirtatious expression.

Father Meng loved it when she did that, especially when they were alone in the bedroom.

His heart was bewitched. He couldn’t wait to finish his meal and drag Chen Pei upstairs.

Meng Xintong continued eating, not wanting to waste any food. When she had her fill, she promptly returned to her room and began calling someone. She wanted to expose the information she had in her hands involving Chen Pei. When that time comes, she wanted to see if her father would still feel proud of his youngest son.

Yun Bixue wanted her to take things slowly. Recently, the Zheng and Du families had both received setbacks, and if the Meng family were to expose such sensational news so soon, people would be suspicious. She ought to take her time.

While listening to Yun Bixue, Meng Xintong felt rather emotional. “Miss Yun, in this world, do you think that there are familial ties that don’t involve taking advantage of others?” She was utterly disappointed with the Meng family.

Yun Bixue was reminded of her younger sister, and she nodded firmly. “Of course. You have to believe that familial love exists. Even if your father is unable to offer it to you, you can still provide a caring environment for your child in the future. Become loving parents and your family would be harmonious.”

Hearing what Yun Bixue just said, Meng Xintong cheered up immediately. “Thank you, Miss Yun.”

“You don’t have to thank me. You are worthy of my advice and help. Does your boyfriend know about what’s happening to you?” Yun Bixue thought about Wang Man’s past relationship, and couldn’t help worrying about Meng Xintong.

Meng Xintong’s expression turned gentle as she thought of her boyfriend. “Yes, he knows. He had always wanted to take me away. We don’t ask for anything else except for a simple and happy life together. But you know that I don’t have enough power and money to fight the Meng family head-on. As the eldest daughter, my father would definitely decide my marriage for me, that’s why I don’t have a choice but stay in the Meng family and fight for myself. My only goal is to be together with him.”