Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Wearing High Heels

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Hearing Meng Xinyan’s complaints, Su Lenghan frowned and said, “Stop whining. The people around us are watching.”

Meng Xinyan looked around her. Since she was not paying attention to where she was walking, she staggered and twisted her leg. “Ouch…”

Fortunately, Su Lenghan’s quick reflexes allowed him to catch her quickly. “Didn’t I tell you to stop wearing high heels? Why are you still wearing them? Have you ever seen a pregnant woman wearing high heels?”

“Su Lenghan, do you only care about the child and not me? I used to wear high heels, so what if I wear them now? Are you afraid that you’ll be distracted and won’t be able to hold me? Or are you thinking about someone else? Do you have another woman? Tell me, tell me…” Whenever she was bored, Meng Xinyan would browse through all kinds of blogs. Most of them wrote that after a woman gets pregnant, her husband would most likely have an affair. After reading all those comments, she became suspicious of her husband.

Su Lenghan thought that Meng Xinyan was rather unreasonable. He became furious, and his grip on Meng Xinyan’s arm tightened. This made her arm hurt, and she wailed.

“Meng Xinyan, I want to live peacefully with you. You said that you would change, but have you? You’re nagging at me every day, and you’re using the child as your bargaining chip. My parents tolerate you, and I tolerate you too. Can’t you just behave yourself? We’re at the hospital now, and so many people are watching. Can’t you just control your temper?”

Seeing Su Lenghan’s livid face, Meng Xinyan immediately became angry. She couldn’t control her temper all the time. Her stomach was already big, and she felt frustrated that she looked awful. Therefore, she had easily forgotten about the promises she made.

At that moment, many nurses and doctors were watching the two of them. Meng Xinyan couldn’t put on a bright expression, and she said to Su Lenghan, “If you really care about me, you wouldn’t mind all these.”

“The doctor said that a check-up once a month is enough, but you always kick up a fuss. Either this or that part of your body hurts, and you insist on coming to the hospital immediately. Can’t you just stop torturing me?” Su Lenghan’s head hurt the moment he looked at Meng Xinyan. She would use the child as her bargaining chip all the time, and even Father and Mother Su had to serve her attentively. As their son, he couldn’t help feeling upset seeing how frail and tired his parents looked.

For this reason, he looked forward to the day that Meng Xinyan would deliver the child. His whole family would probably feel relieved when that day comes.

In the middle of the argument, the two of them entered the gynecologist’s clinic.

When Yun Bixue and Xie Limo arrived home, she told him everything about the Meng family. “The Meng family is in such a plight now. After hearing Meng Xintong’s words, I can sense that she might not be able to tolerate the Meng family anymore. Since she can’t escape from them, she can only seize their power from them.”

Xie Limo looked at the documents in her hands. When he read the words ‘Zhou Pingyu’, his expression changed. He then switched on his computer and began to enter the political system to investigate this.

Yun Bixue sat beside him and watched. “How is it? Is there something wrong with Meng Xintong’s boyfriend?”

Xie Limo continued typing on the keyboard. Finally, a row of information appeared. Xie Limo supported his head with his hand while staring at the screen. He then began to explain, “Zhou Pingyu. After graduating from university, he took the political examinations twice. He got high scores for the written exams, but he never passed his interviews. This name was familiar, and I didn’t expect him to be Meng Xintong’s boyfriend.”

Yun Bixue pursed her lips for a moment and said, “There are many political posts each year, and the higher-ups designate most of them. Only very few positions are open to the public for applications. These employees must have some connections to pass the interviews! Zhou Pingyu’s family background is nothing outstanding, and he can only depend on himself. No wonder he failed the interviews.”