Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Who Is That Woman?

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When Xu Miaodan turned down Li Xu’s invitation to go out, he started suspecting her. He even waited outside the Xu family’s entrance to follow Xu Miaodan. Eventually, he saw the man she was meeting up with.

Li Xu was furious. He had achieved high education qualifications from overseas. In terms of appearance and knowledge, he was unparalleled, so he had always thought that Wang Man was beneath him and didn’t deserve him. He aimed to climb high, and his self-confidence was beyond ordinary, to the extent where he thought that the Xu family’s young lady was so smitten with him.

When he ditched Wang Man, he was feeling so good about himself until he heard their recorded conversation. It viciously trampled his heart, and he almost lost his last strand of dignity.

In front of Wang Man, in particular, he had no face to show, and he could only flee.

Before snapping out of it, reality gave him a hard slap. Only then did he realize that the Xu family looked down on him. The assets that he proudly held were nothing in front of them.

Because of a glimmer of hope, he actually abandoned Wang Man who treated him unconditionally and chose Xu Miaodan. In the latter’s eyes, he was just someone who was at her beck and call. That statement about how he was stronger than the Xu family’s servants made him especially angry.

When he got a clearer grasp of things, Li Xu no longer treated Xu Miaodan the way he did before. After work, he secretly waited for Wang Man outside Snow Cloud Group’s building. When Wang Man saw him, she said coldly, “Li Xu, you have too much faith in yourself. After realizing what kind of person you are, did you think that I would still get together with you? What a joke. You know me. If you are not loyal, I will not stay faithful as well.” She had been with Elder Sister Yun for a long time and learned a lot about principles. It was foolish to be deceived repeatedly. When the time came to be strong, you had to be strong. There was no need to treat people like Li Xu nicely.

Li Xu saw Wang Man’s expression and reddened in guilt. He still had a sense of shame. He stammered for a long while before saying, “Wang Man, I regret it now. I know whatever I say now is useless. I can only tell you that when I followed Xu Miaodan, I found out that she was always calling this woman. Didn’t Xu Miaodan want you to divulge information about Miss Yun? From what I can see, I think that this information is not wanted by the Xu family, but rather by the person who is behind Xu Miaodan.”

Wang Man was stunned. “Hurry up and tell me. Who is that woman?”

“I don’t know. I secretly checked her phone’s call logs once, but it was an unknown number. I couldn’t find out anything about it.”

Wang Man’s expression turned solemn. She thought about it for a moment and said, “Okay. I understand. Thank you for telling me these.”

Hearing how Wang Man thanked him, Li Xu hated that he couldn’t hide away in a hole. “You don’t have to thank me…” He owed Wang Man. She used to scrimp and save to provide him with the money to continue his studies. However, he was greedy for fortune and glory, and he tried to raise his position. He now understood that there were no shortcuts in this world and that an individual would always have to rely on themselves to improve their lives.

The present Wang Man no longer had to give him money, so she led a better life. She dressed more fashionably and spoke with more confidence. He was indeed a bastard.

Meanwhile, Meng Xintong was always forced by her father to hand over the businesses of the Du and Zheng families. He even wanted her to marry out so that the Du and Zheng families’ businesses would belong to the Meng family.

Meng Xintong used to turn a deaf ear to it until she received a call from Yun Bixue. She sighed in relief. Later, she told her father in high spirits that she was going to bring her boyfriend home.