Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 396

Chapter 396 What's Lost Is Lost

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Master Meng was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He pointed at Meng Xintong and asked, “You— What did you say?”

Meng Xintong smiled and said in a bright voice, “Father, I said, I’m going to bring my boyfriend home.”

Chen Pei, who just came down from upstairs, almost fell. She couldn’t believe it. Since when did Meng Xintong have a boyfriend? She was still deciding on Meng Xintong’s marriage—a marriage would benefit the Meng family the most! Of course, this benefit was for her youngest son.

Master Meng regained his composure and stood up from the sofa. “Boyfriend? Which family is he from? How is his family background?”

Even though Meng Xintong expected this to happen, she was still disappointed beyond measure. She finally understood. No matter how well she performed, she had no place in this family. Master Meng would only view her as a chess piece.

Without changing her expression, Meng Xintong happily said, “Father, he is penniless and doesn’t have any illustrious family background, but we are deeply in love with each other.”

Hearing that he was a penniless small fry, Master Meng was about to faint. His background was so horrible that his fury couldn’t be contained. He raised his hand to slap Meng Xintong.

Meng Xintong’s eyes turned cold, and she shifted her head to the side to dodge the slap.

Chen Pei butted in and raised her voice. “Oh, look at your daughter. Now that she’s all grown up and became capable, she no longer respects you as a father. She’s getting more and more brazen. She even found a piece of trash as your future son-in-law. Won’t we become the joke of everyone?”

Chen Pei’s words added fuel to the fire. Master Meng picked up the rod beside him and was about to hit Meng Xintong with it.

Meng Xintong glanced at Chen Pei and laughed. “Aunt Chen, you better laugh while you can because you’ll be crying very soon.”

Chen Pei’s heart pounded, and she shut her mouth in guilt.

Master Meng was panting as he threatened her. “You better break up with that worthless lad immediately. Right now, I said. Did you hear me? A piece of trash wanting to join the Meng family? You wish!”

Meng Xintong remained calm. “Father, he’s very good. I won’t break up with him. He doesn’t care about the Meng family or any status at all!”

“Y-You— You are— You are the daughter of the Meng family. You cannot be with a penniless lad. My word is law.”

“Father, the law nowadays promotes the freedom to love. Even if my surname is Meng, do not forget that half of the Meng family’s business can be credited to my mother. I’ve seen clearly how you treated my mother. Since I have you as an example, why would I dare to choose someone like you?”

Without waiting for Master Meng to react, Meng Xintong added, “And what’s done is already done.”

Master Meng raised the rod. “I’m going to beat you to death, you disobedient daughter.”

At this moment, Meng Xinyan’s voice came from the door. “Father, mother, we’re home.”

Chen Pei saw that it was Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan, and she rushed towards the entrance to welcome them. Master Meng glared furiously at Meng Xintong before rearranging his expression to welcome his son-in-law.

Meng Xintong remained at her spot and laughed self-deprecatingly. She looked outside, and a glint of determination flashed in her eyes. She decided to call to Zhou Pingyu.

“Hello? Xintong? Why are you not speaking? Are you tired? Wait for me to get off from work, and I’ll take you out for a meal.”

Meng Xintong heard Zhou Pingyu’s concern, and her gloomy mood vanished. “Pingyu, come to my house this afternoon, the Meng family residence!”

Zhou Pingyu was startled. “This afternoon?” Xintong never mentioned anything about this. Why was this so sudden?

“Yes, this afternoon. They’re all bullying me. I’d like you to be here to back me up.”