Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Snob

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Zhou Pingyu heard the vulnerability in Meng Xintong’s voice, and he nodded. “Okay, wait for me. I’ll go over right now.” Even if he had to risk his life, he would protect Meng Xintong.

When he and Meng Xintong first got to know each other, he didn’t know that she was the Meng family’s Miss Meng. Only after spending a long time together did he find out about it, and he hated that he couldn’t prevent her from returning to a house like that.

Meng Xintong’s expression became soft. No matter how lonely or frustrated she was, at least there would always be one person by her side. That was why she was not sad and did not envy others.

When Master Meng, Chen Pei, Meng Xinyan, and Su Lenghan entered the house, Meng Xintong was still at the same spot.

Master Meng spoke coldly, “Why are you still standing there? Your sister and brother-in-law have returned. Go and prepare some tea.”

Meng Xintong looked at the servants around her before turning back to her father. “Father, are you treating me like a servant? If I’m a servant, then I would resign right away.”

Su Lenghan looked on with confused eyes, and he turned to face Master Meng. He never liked the Meng family. When he was wooing Meng Xinyan, they wanted to marry her off to a more powerful and prestigious family. They distanced themselves from him and even turned a blind eye to the Su family’s crises.

The present Master Meng had undergone a hundred-eighty degree turn—he was now afraid that he didn’t want Meng Xinyan. He was disgusted at the change in Master Meng’s attitude, but he couldn’t say anything about it either.

Master Meng was about to explode in anger when he saw his son-in-law looking at him. He immediately composed himself and said, “What are you saying? Your younger sister and brother-in-law just returned, and you weren’t courteous at all. As your father, I cannot even scold you?”

Meng Xintong scoffed. “Father, when my boyfriend comes later, I hope you will welcome him with the same courtesy. Don’t let brother-in-law laugh at us and think that we are snobbish people who only looked at wealth and power.”

Master Meng’s eyes twitched. This lass was getting brazen. He remembered how his eldest daughter used to be straight-faced and hard to provoke. No matter how much he scolded, she never spoke back. What happened to her?

The past Meng Xintong was ordinary and kept a low profile. Master Meng was indifferent towards her because she didn’t have much worth. Now, however, Meng Xintong had fully displayed her beauty and worth, causing Master Meng to take more interest in her. He wanted to use her for the Meng family’s power and influence, and this caused them to reach this conflict.

Meng Xintong raised the issue about them being snobbish, so Master Meng did not dare to provoke her anymore. After all, because of what had happened in the past, this son-in-law from the Su family probably had a few words for him. If he showed his snobbish side, his son-in-law would never want to meet him again.

That was why Master Meng held in his temper.

When Zhou Pingyu arrived at the Meng family, Meng Xintong happily grabbed his elbow to introduce him to everyone. However, when Master Meng saw his shabby look, he asked Zhou Pingyu to get lost.

“A penniless small fry trying to enter our Meng family? In your dreams.”

“Father, I love him. Wherever he goes, I will follow. It’s up to you!”

Chen Pei smiled. “Lenghan, please don’t laugh at us. Even though Xintong is Meng family’s daughter, she has never really seen the world before.”

Meng Xinyan gloated, “Mother, elder sister knows her limits. She knows that she can’t find someone with a good family background, so she settled for this guy. Mother and Father shouldn’t worry too much about it.”

“Xinyan, you’re always the sensible one. Look at her, trying to drive her own father crazy.”

With such exaggerated facts, Master Meng became at odds with Meng Xintong. The latter said, “Father, he is the person I told you about. I’m introducing him to everyone because I respect you.”

Master Meng couldn’t take it any longer. He raised his hand to slap Meng Xintong, but Zhou Pingyu blocked him. The slap landed on his face instead.