Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Young Master Xie Is A Dream

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Zhou Pingyu did not expect Young Master Xie to come clean with him, and this made him like and respect Young Master Xie even more. So far, all he knew about Young Master Xie was from the things he heard, and this one meeting had caused a sort of admiration to rise from his heart.

He was right. They were all doing it for that person in their hearts. That was why he believed in Young Master Xie’s words. His diligence and lack of fear for hardships were all because he had his girlfriend as his motivation.

For this reason, he understood Young Master Xie’s heart. It was often said that Young Master Xie doted on his wife—in Ning An City, you could offend anyone you wanted except Miss Yun.

Indeed, there were many truths to prove that statement. Anyone who did not treat that statement seriously and offended Miss Yun often ended up miserable.

Even with a hand on his chest as he asked himself, no matter how much he cared about Xintong, he couldn’t protect her as well. Young Master Xie was probably every woman’s dream—aside from being powerful, he loyally doted on one wife.

Looking at how Zhou Pingyu was staring at him, Young Master Xie coughed before asking, “So, what do you think? I can ensure your safety. You just have to work hard in Zi Bei City and try to occupy the highest position.”

Zhou Pingyu stood up and replied respectfully, “Thank you very much, Young Master Xie.” He was very grateful. Young Master Xie gave him hope and pointed him to an advantageous path. As long as he worked hard and did well, he would be able to fulfill the promise he made to Xintong.

Xie Limo’s lips tilted up as he complimented him, “As expected, Zhou Pingyu, you don’t disappoint.” With how messy Zi Bei City was, a person without a certain degree of courage would not be willing to go.

“It’s an honor for me to meet you, Young Master Xie. Your help is greatly appreciated, and I will cherish this opportunity.” Since he had a lackluster family background, he only relied on himself. He would not be able to pass even the interview without an influential backer. He was genuinely indebted to Young Master Xie—his gratitude was beyond compare.

After the conversation with Zhou Pingyu, Young Master Xie started another storm in Ning An City. He revamped the examination’s interview stage by employing an overt method which would allow the public to supervise it. He even removed the mentor interviews to prevent anyone from getting in through the back door.

This created a fair environment for the common people. With this move, Young Master Xie won over even more of Ning An City’s citizens’ support, and an increasing number of people praised and defended him.

There were, of course, people who resented Young Master Xie. These were the good-for-nothings who wanted to obtain a position and do their work incompetently. This reform from Young Master Xie was entirely out of nowhere, taking them by surprise. They did not expect Young Master Xie to play this move. They thumped at their chest and stomped on their feet, but they did not dare to say anything in front of Young Master Xie’s face.

The time passed quickly, and the weather was starting to become warm. Yun Bixue, who was following up on the filming of a drama, was under the sun for the entire day. She worked continuously and did not manage to drink a lot of water. When she arrived home, she was already showing signs of a heat stroke.

She was not very bothered, but when Xie Limo returned, he unleashed his fury on Xie Shiyi, “This is your second time not doing your duties properly. There won’t be a next time.”

Xie Shiyi was filled with guilt. She was indeed negligent in her duties today.

Yun Bixue was lying on the mattress in the study, and she waved her hand unhappily. “Don’t scold Xie Shiyi. I asked her to do some other tasks. Besides, I had Yun Dong by my side. They cannot read minds, so if I do not show it, they wouldn’t know that I wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, I’m fine right now, right?” Now that Yun Dong had completed her task, she returned to her original appearance and was following by her side.

After hearing Yun Bixue’s explanation, Xie Limo reined in his anger. He sat by her side and picked up the green bean soup to feed her. He said in a resigned tone, “You have to take care of yourself. If something happened, it would be too late. Stop thinking like that and don’t risk yourself.”