Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Shen Family Behind Closed Doors

The woman glared at the person inside and cried, "The bank froze our credit cards and we cannot use anything anymore. How could you get entangled in a murder? Ah... You have wrecked both our son and me..."

Zhu Quan sat on the ground and his mind was entirely blank.

"You must have been muddle-headed... Do you know who you have offended? How could you just kill anyone..." She was at a loss of how to live her days; her neighbors and relatives have all been blaming Zhu Quan for implicating them and showed up daily at their home to make a fuss. Ever since the incident, she had not had a full meal or a tight rest. Even the child had been shaken.

Xu Quan started feeling anxious and scared. He had not expected things to unfold this way. "No, that man promised that after completing the task..." He paused abruptly. He could not reveal it. He must not reveal it.

The woman was taken aback. "What did you say? What did you just say? Did you act under someone's orders? Ah... Speak..."

In Young Master Xie's villa.

Xie Liu delivered the video and voice recordings from the prison cell to Xie Limo. "Young Master Xie, this is what that family said."

"There was surely someone pulling strings. Take the proof given by the hospital and get his wife to let him take a look. If he were intelligent, he would know what to do." Xie Limo typed away at his keyboard, his tone sounding distant.

"Yes. Young Master Xie, haven't you figured out that the Shen family committed it? Why still check on the driver?" Xie Liu was perturbed.

"Working on this ourselves is less effective than obtaining the truck driver's testimony. Moreover, it could sabotage the Shen family so that Bixue could bring them down the next time she targets them." Xie Limo's voice was tuneful, but it also brought chills.

Xie Liu was dismayed. Young Master Xie had planned meticulously ahead for Young Madam.

Having stayed there continuously for half a month, Yun Bixue could feel calluses developing all over her body. Her meals were taken care of by Xie Limo, and he had personally accompanied her every night. For the convenience of taking care of her, the hospital specially arranged for a stellar care suite.

She thought that she must have put on some weight. Sleeping right after eating, it would be no wonder if she had gained weight. Furthermore, regarding the incident that day, she had been eager to work on it herself. However, with Xie Limo keeping an eye on her, she was unable to do anything.

She could finally be discharged from the hospital this day. Yun Bixue walked out of the hospital and took in a deep breath. She never wanted to be hospitalized ever again.

"Limo, Grandfather does not know that I was hurt right?"

The light in Xie Limo's eyes flashed and disappeared instantly. He grabbed on Yun Bixue's hand calmly and gently replied, "Relax, your grandfather is fine. You do not need to worry."

"It was the doings of the Shen family. They could falsify even the hospital's proof. They must have expended a lot of effort."

"That's right. Did the Shen family bank on their prestige to commit such a lowly act?"

"The Zhu family had been severely sabotaged from being kept in the dark. Killing someone for them is too foolish."

"I heard that Zhu Quan thought he had been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Since someone offered a sum of money, he naturally accepted the assignment to leave the money for his family."

"It was because he was foolish that he prioritized money over common sense. He had not been sick at all. He somehow managed to escape from prison yesterday, and he carried a bomb to perish together with the Shen family."

"Oh, why was I not aware of this?"

"It was the talk of the town yesterday. You missed the news while on duty but look at your phone. It's been shared virally all over Weibo 1 . I don't know how the Shen family will smooth things out."


Hearing the ongoing discussions of the people at the hospital entrance, Yun Bixue blinked and her eyelashes shook. Looking up at Xie Limo, she realized he had maintained his calm and collected demeanor throughout.

Yun Bixue pursed her lips. Having spent more than half a month with him, she had long known that he was the best at plotting revenge.

  1. A microblogging service in China like Twitter.