Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Signs Of Depression

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Looking at Yun Bixue’s soft expression, Xie Limo pulled her closer to his side and murmured, “Sleep well.”

Yun Bixue could feel the warmth of Xie Limo’s embrace, and she fell asleep deeply.

Meng Xinyan stayed at the Meng family. Because Su Lenghan was busy, he went back to the Su family that night. However, he had to drive a long distance to the Meng family for a meal every day, or Meng Xinyan would throw a tantrum.

He felt that if Meng Xinyan stayed at the Meng family, his parents would be able to relax more, so he was willing to spend more time traveling even though it was at his expense.

Ever since Meng Xinyan returned to the Meng family, his parents had been thrilled. Leading a jittery and stressful lifestyle was too tiring, and Mother Su’s constant lack of sleep resulted in migraines, so she took the chance to go to the hospital and have a check-up.

Mother Su hid her doctor’s appointment from her son. At the hospital, the doctor shook his head and said that Mother Su’s condition was not that good. Because of overwork and prolonged stress, she was showing signs of depression.

Mother Su’s face paled upon hearing the doctor’s words. She was only in her fifties so why was it like that?

“You have to maintain a good mood and not overwork or stress yourself out. Stress and fatigue are bad for your body.”

After her check-up, Mother Su left the hospital building in a dazed state. She raised her head and looked at the sun’s bright rays. The sudden glare and heat, in addition to stress, affected her too much, and she blacked out and fainted.

When Su Lenghan heard about it, he left the Meng family’s dinner table and drove to the hospital immediately. The moment he saw his mother’s tired and frail figure on the bed, tears leaked from his eyes. It was unfilial of him to have let this happen.

Sitting at the bedside, Su Lenghan reflected repeatedly. He failed as a son and felt sorry for his parents.

While he was in deep thought, his cell phone rang continuously in his pocket. After getting his emotions under control, he went to the corridor to answer the call.

As soon as Su Lenghan answered the call, Meng Xinyan’s dissatisfied voice came from the cell phone. “Lenghan, you don’t treat my parents with respect at all. We were eating, and you just left without saying anything. What are you doing, huh?”

Su Lenghan’s expression turned ashen, and he immediately dropped the call.

Meng Xinyan continued to call after that. When Su Lenghan picked up the call to chide Meng Xinyan, her angry voice came before he could even speak. “Su Lenghan, how dare you hang up on me! What’s the meaning of this? Are you meeting your mistress? Tell me, tell me! Do you think you can just bully the Meng family? Once you got what you wanted, you can just kick us aside? This is something your Su family did, don’t you dare say you didn’t do it…”

Su Lenghan gazed at the frail figure of his mother and listened to Meng Xinyan’s aggressive scoldings. He could not take it anymore and calmly replied, “Meng Xinyan, you can think whatever you want. Since you think that I want to kick you aside, then stay there at the Meng family!” After saying those words, Su Lenghan hung up immediately.

After that, no matter how much Meng Xinyan called, her calls never got through. Her expression drastically changed. During this period, Su Lenghan listened to whatever she said, and she got used to having that influence over him, so when Su Lenghan suddenly hung up on her, she was taken aback and started feeling insecure.

In a rush, she wanted to go out and see Su Lenghan. However, Chen Pei quickly stopped her and said, “Don’t be anxious. Calm down and wait for a while. You’re carrying the Su family’s child, and they cannot deny this. If they do you any wrong, we’ll find some reporters to expose them. Let’s see how the Su family will deal with that!”

Master Meng advised, “Your mother is correct. Your unborn child is your bargaining chip, so what’s there to be afraid of? Just take it easy and stay at home.”