Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 403

Chapter 403 For Her Son She Moderated Her Temper

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After hearing her parents’ assurances, the unease in her heart disappeared. Indeed, she had his child, so there was nothing to fear. This was the child of the Su family, and when both Mother Su and Master Su valued her, what could Su Lenghan do?

Furthermore, she was the legal wife. Even if he had a mistress, she could use the influence of the Meng family to remove her. Meng Xinyan was confident that no one could take her place and that nothing would be enough to get rid of her. What she didn’t know was that her actions would eventually push Su Lenghan beyond his limits.

When Su Lenghan switched off his cell phone, he leaned tiredly on the wall with a hint of self-mockery. He didn’t understand why his life became like this. No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t blame anyone other than himself. He made this choice, so even if it was bitter, he had to swallow it.

In this half year, he realized that his parents had aged and they could no longer withstand anymore blows.

Su Lenghan sighed and calmed his inner turmoil before going back to sit beside the hospital bed. He would look over his mother himself, and he didn’t dare to inform his father for fear that he would worry.

After looking over her for a day, Su Lenghan finally fell asleep while holding his mother’s hand.

When Mother Su woke up, she felt a tight hold on her hand. She tilted her head to take a look and saw her sleeping son’s figure. A pang shot through her heart as it ached for her son.

Although Su Lenghan didn’t say anything, as his mother, how could she not understand him? No matter how overboard Meng Xinyan went, she was willing to tolerate her because of her son. For her son, she learned to tone down her bossy and provocative attitude.

At that moment, Mother Su could clearly see her son’s hair, and she noticed that white hair had grown on his head.

Mother Su was startled, and her entire body shuddered. Her son was still young, and yet there was white hair growing on his head. Her heart ached immensely for him.

The moment she moved, Su Lenghan immediately woke up. He stood and asked her, “Mum, does it hurt anywhere? Let me get the doctor.”

Mother Su looked closely at the dark eye circles beneath Su Lenghan’s eyes and his pale expression. With tears filling her eyes, she caressed Su Lenghan with trembling hands. “Lenghan, you already have white hair. It’s all my fault. If I didn’t insist back then… If I didn’t force you, and you married Bixue, things wouldn’t be like this.” She had always known about how well Yun Bixue treated Su Lenghan, but she didn’t know how to cherish it.

Su Lenghan revealed a bitter smile. “Mum, that’s all in the past. Why are you bringing it up now? Having white hair is nothing. Students nowadays even have them, and it’s something to do with a person’s constitution. Don’t worry.”

Mother Su knew that her son was being filial and was trying to comfort her, so she didn’t say much after that. She tugged Su Lenghan’s hand to get him to sit down before sitting up from her bed.

Su Lenghan placed a pillow behind his mother’s back to support her. “Mum, everything’s going to be alright. You just focus on recovering. You don’t have to stay home to take care of Meng Xinyan. You can even bring your friends to go out and have some fun. Just relax, alright?”

Mother Su shook her head. “Silly son. Your mother is different from before. I feel bad just by thinking about how I acted in the past. If I didn’t pull you back and considered more for you, I might’ve been able to persuade you a little.” Waking up without seeing Meng Xinyan, she no longer looked forward nor asked for Meng Xinyan to be filial to her. She only wished that she would treat his son properly and not cause any more trouble.