Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Packing For Country E

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Su Lenghan held his mother’s hand and adjusted her blanket before forcing out a smile. “Mum, I’m doing pretty well. Don’t say these things and just focus on getting well. When you’re feeling better, we’ll go out and have some fun.”

Mother Su nodded and wiped her tears away. She only understood now that life is short, so what was the point of fighting over power and fame? She should be contented with a filial son. As long as the family lived peacefully, a plain life was not that bad.

However, this way of thinking was unreal now. Compared to living life meaningfully, the power that she used to pursue was too fake. One was not born with these material things, and neither could they bring it with them after death, so it was meaningless.

Su Lenghan noticed Mother Su’s rough hands. Her hands used to be smooth, so why are they so rough now?

“Mum, I remember that your hands weren’t like this.”

Mother Su quickly hid her hands under the blankets and pretended to be hurt. “What? You think that mum’s too old?” Her hands became rough because she was busy doing chores and serving Meng Xinyan. She knew that her son was tired, so she hid the truth. She didn’t want him to worry anymore.

“Mum, no matter how old you get, I will never abandon you.”

During this period where Mother Su was at the hospital, Su Lengxian’s short drama had finally aired. The ratings and reviews were not bad, so she must admit that Su Lenghan’s investments were on point. Eventually, Su Lengxian became famous because of this drama.

To make his mother happy, Su Lenghan got someone to download a snippet of Su Lengxian’s drama for her. “Mum, look at this. Younger sister is working hard too. This drama became popular, and a lot of people are saying that her acting skills are not bad.”

Mother Su’s mood improved after hearing this news.

As for Meng Xinyan, since she couldn’t get in touch with Su Lenghan, she called the Su house directly and said some nasty words.

When Su Lenghan went back home to get some things, one of their servants said respectfully, “Young Master Su, Young Madam called just now and said…” The servant was uncertain about saying it.

Su Lenghan turned and glanced at the servant. “Speak.”

“Yes. She said, if you refuse to see her and fetch her, she will tell the media about the Su Family Organization’s financial difficulties, and she even said…”

Su Lenghan’s face turned pale and his hand clenched tightly in an attempt to control his fury. “Tell me everything.”

“She said Young Master Su doesn’t value her, so when the child is born, the surname would be Meng, and the Su family will become the laughing stock of Ning An City…”

Su Lenghan was outraged beyond words. He never expected Meng Xinyan to say such things when his mother was severely ill. Did she still consider herself as part of the Su family?

Su Lenghan gripped the railing for support and ordered the people in the villa, “If she calls again, tell her that she can do whatever she wants. The Su family will no longer welcome her. If she comes back, lock the villa’s doors. Anyone is welcome except the people from the Meng family.”

The servants cheered inwardly. They had had enough of Meng Xinyan and finally got to hear this charismatic declaration from Young Master Su. They no longer had to be careful and endure her torment.

In the Xie family villa, Yun Bixue was busy packing their luggage. Xie Limo said that the trip to Country E would take a while and they were not in a rush to get back. Because of this, she packed a lot of clothes, toiletries, and other necessities.

When Xie Limo came home from work, he saw Yun Bixue running up and down the house. He said resignedly, “If there’s anything you need, you can just order Xie Shiyi, and she would arrange for it.” His wife had just recovered, and here she was making herself busy again. He was truly afraid that she would exhaust herself.