Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Good Man At Home

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At the moment, there were only her, Xie Limo, and a portion of Xie family’s bodyguards at home. The bodyguards wouldn’t appear in the hall unless ordered to. Grandfather and Aunt Zhou had both returned home, while Mummy Lu went to the classes that she had signed up, so Yun Bixue was currently bored and sitting on the sofa alone.

After a yawn, she eventually fell asleep.

When it was about mealtime, Xie Limo came down from the study only to see his wife sleeping on the sofa. He shook his head and went to the bedroom to get a blanket for her.

Although the weather was hot, due to the air-conditioning in the house, it was easy to catch a cold if not covered by a blanket.

He sat beside Yun Bixue while looking at her, and he bent down to kiss at her hair. He then personally prepared dinner for her in the kitchen. When he was not busy, he would not let the servants cook since he liked cooking for his wife.

When the delicious smell of the cooked dishes wafted out of the kitchen, Yun Bixue woke up groggily. Whiffing the tempting aroma, she realized that she was hungry. When she moved to get up, she noticed the blanket covering her, and her lips tilted up into a radiant smile.

She held onto the blanket and felt warmth seeping into her heart. Her past self would have never imagined that there would be someone who cared, doted, and protected her to this degree.

She stood up to fold the blanket and returned it to the bedroom. After that, she went to the kitchen and saw Xie Limo wearing an apron. Hugging him from behind, she purred, “Husband, you’re a good family man. I’m never leaving you.”

Xie Limo poured some oil into the pan and said gently, “Don’t come too near. The oil might splatter on you.”

“Oh, it wouldn’t!”

However, right after saying that, Yun Bixue was scalded by the oil and she couldn’t help but gasp. Xie Limo immediately turned around and grabbed Yun Bixue arm, bringing it to the sink to run it under cold water.

Xie Limo’s expression turned cold, and he emitted a forbidding aura.

Yun Bixue carefully observed Xie Limo’s expression.

After Xie Limo washed her hands, he dragged her to sit on the sofa. He took out the first aid kit and dressed her wounds, and he called someone over.

From the start till the end, Yun Bixue remained quiet and obedient. She stared at her hand with a lowered head.

Xie Limo initially had a horrible expression, but looking at his wife’s repentant look, he couldn’t help but snigger. He couldn’t bear to scold her, but he had to—it wouldn’t be good for her to be so careless in the future.

Yun Bixue timidly raised her head and looked at Xie Limo. When she noticed his snigger, a brilliant light flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes as she asked, “Hubby, you’re not angry anymore?” She had no idea why, but whenever she was in front of Xie Limo, she would always be ditzy. Perhaps it was because she was too relaxed?

Xie Limo’s heart ached a little as he looked at Yun Bixue’s hand. “I’m not angry. It’s just you. You’re already this old, but still can’t take good care of yourself, always making me worry. What if one day you got injured and I’m not by your side?”

“A little injury like this won’t bother me.”

“My wife thinks that this is a small injury?”

Once Yun Bixue saw Xie Limo’s frowning expression, she quickly laughed apologetically. “It’s not a small injury. I will be more careful in the future. Don’t be upset over such a small matter. Smile a little. We’re going to Country E tomorrow, and it’s a very good thing.” After speaking, she used her fingers to tug lightly at the corners of Xie Limo’s mouth.

Seeing this playful side of Yun Bixue, Xie Limo felt a little helpless.

At this very moment, Ling Nanchen arrived in the living room while carrying his medical bag. He instantly saw Yun Bixue tugging at the corners of Xie Limo’s lips, and his jaw almost dropped. He was so stunned that his eyes, which were shaped like peach flowers, were about to pop out.