Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Interesting Things From He Was Young

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Looking at Xie Limo’s cold and indifferent expression, Yun Bixue tugged at his sleeve to get him to agree.

Xie Limo looked at his wife’s radiant eyes. He then turned to Ling Nanchen and said in a clipped voice, “Go and serve the dishes.”

Ling Nanchen’s peach flower-shaped eyes lighted up, and he immediately walked into the kitchen. Smelling the delicious aroma of the dishes, he couldn’t stop smiling while he laid them out on the dining table. When everything was ready, the three of them ate together.

Because Yun Bixue was there, Ling Nanchen knew that Xie Limo wouldn’t be angry no matter what, so he started spilling stories from Xie Limo’s childhood.

Xie Limo shot a glare at him. Yun Bixue saw this and pouted. “Husband, you don’t want me to listen to it? You don’t want me to be happy?” With a pitiful look, she blinked her eyes at him.

Xie Limo could only lower his head and eat his meal, pretending not to hear Ling Nanchen’s continuous chatter.

Frankly speaking, he really couldn’t bear his wife’s pitiful expression. It made his heart ache and feel that he did something vicious. Because of this, he could only allow Ling Nanchen to continue talking while he thought of ways to torment him later.

Just when Ling Nanchen was explaining happily, he sneezed all of a sudden. “Who is scolding me inside their heart?”

Yun Bixue smiled as she said, “Maybe it’s just the air-conditioning. Please continue. I haven’t heard enough.” Yun Bixue looked at her husband and tried to placate him by putting a piece of rib in his bowl. She said in a gentle voice, “Eat more. Your friend is here, so be happy.”

Xie Limo let out a small sigh, and he put dishes into his wife’s bowl like he normally would. After all, those were events from a long time ago. If she wanted to know, then so be it!

“Young Madam, you would never know. When Limo was young, he was a two-faced fox. Some friends who played better were no match for him. There was also this time when some of us were playing a game, and when he was picked as the bride and had a red hood on, he was as pretty as a doll. A new friend, who didn’t know Limo was a guy, made a fuss and proposed to Young Master Xie. He even said he’ll marry him when they grew up. Hahaha! Xie Limo’s face darkened so much. Haha! Just thinking about it makes me laugh.” Ling Nanchen almost split his sides with laughter. He leaned on the table, laughing wildly while hugging his stomach.

Yun Bixue’s grin widened, and eventually, her crisp laughter was heard. It was hard to imagine Xie Limo in female clothes, but he must have been very beautiful!

“What happened after that?”

“Oh, Xie Limo found a time when we were all not around and beat that lad up. After that, whenever the lad saw him, he would hide. He never said things like wanting to marry him ever again. Even now, after we all grew up, we still joke about this!”

Yun Bixue listened to Ling Nanchen’s words with a gentle expression, and she couldn’t help imagining a beautiful boy.

“There are photos of Limo when he was young at the Xie family. I’m sure you’ll get to see them in the future.”

“Is he still the same as he is now?”

“Similar, but not. His intelligence was already beyond others. Since we were young, everyone couldn’t match up to him. Even those older than him respected him and became his loyal followers.” Ling Nanchen rubbed and patted his stomach. Recalling these memories made him laughed so hard.

Yun Bixue ate the food that Xie Limo put in her bowl. She smiled sweetly and said, “Yes, I’m sure he’s very smart. Oh, do call me Yun Bixue next time. Calling me Young Madam sounds too unusual. You’re like a brother to Limo, so just go ahead and call me by my name. Anyway, this is not the Xie family, so there’s no need to be so formal.”