Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Kindness after Getting Discharged

When Yun Bixue realized that everything he had done was for her sake, her heart warmed. After accompanying her at the hospital for half a month, she had recovered, but he instead lost weight. Her heart ached faintly.

The Shen Family Home.

Old Master Shen was so furious that he swept the ceramics on the table to the ground. "This will be the death of me. Everyone take a look. Look, reporters are lingering outside our door even now. Idiots, all idiots. Spill, who did this? Ah... cough cough ..." After slogging away for decades, the Shen family could not crumble on these children. He still hadn't found out that the old foxes of Ning An City were mocking him now; everyone was making a laughingstock of the Shen family.

"Grandfather, don't be mad. This matter might not have been conducted by our own family. There could be someone secretly undermining our family." Old Master Shen's grandson brightly approached to assist him.

"That's right, Dad. There must be a misunderstanding in this matter. Don't get angry, hurting your health will be a loss for our Shen family," Shen Wenqi persuaded by the side. Old Master Shen had been livid for the entire morning, and it was time to stop.

Old Master Shen tried to take a breath and said, "Was everything you said all true? None of you were involved?"

The second son of the Shen family, Shen Wenfan, nodded spinelessly. "Dad, you know my personality. I wouldn't do something like that."

The third son, Shen Wenluo, nodded vigorously and said, "Dad, being able to eat and spend money, and with beauties by my side, why would I plot against the Yun family? This matter has nothing to do with me. If Miss Yun were murdered, regardless of who it benefits, it definitely would not be me, right?" Without a care, he picked up the grapes on the table to eat.

Old Master Shen fumed upon seeing his third son's sloppy appearance. He used to be the most brilliant of them all, but because he was an illegitimate son, Old Master Shen could not pass on the family business to him.

After hearing his words, Old Master Shen's heart skipped a beat. He glanced over at his first son, Shen Wenqi, and his grandson, Shen Zhengyao.

Right at this moment, the housekeeper stationed outside suddenly rushed in. "Old Master, the reporters outside are close to barging in. What should we do?"

"Block them. No matter what happens, do not let them enter!"

In the midst of this chaos, Xie Limo personally chauffeured Yun Bixue back home.

Returning here after so long, it felt like coming back to a drastically different world. This felt like home, and it felt intimate.

Xie Limo moved forward and took Yun Bixue by the waist. He lowered his head slightly and printed a kiss on her forehead. He quietly asked, "Why? After staying for more than ten days, has my wife forgotten what her home looks like?"

Hearing Xie Limo's teasing words, Yun Bixue lifted her head to look at his intoxicating eyes, her heart fluttering uncontrollably. She found her husband profoundly attractive in that instant, especially that provocative pair of eyes that hooked onto her soul. Momentarily dazed, she stood on tiptoe and pecked Xie Limo on his pale pink lips.

After the kiss, she suddenly snapped out of her dazed state, and her ears turned red. She immediately tried to escape but Xie Limo held onto her tightly. With one hand he lightly secured her head and kissed her intensely. The kiss was so passionate, it was as if he desperately wanted to keep a piece of her in his heart.

A fervent look ignited his gaze. He stared at her disoriented expression and blushing red cheeks, his heart turning tender and gentle, and his kiss brimmed with affection.

After a space of time, just as Yun Bixue was almost suffocating, Xie Limo finally loosened his hold on her. To stand stably, Yun Bixue could only lean into his embrace.