Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 411

Chapter 411 The Infatuated Nurse

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Mother Su remembered that a nurse was specifically assigned to her, so how could they change it abruptly and without informing her? If it was her past self, she would definitely be annoyed and interrogate them thoroughly. However, being oppressed by Meng Xinyan for a long time had taught her that people have their difficult times as well, so she only asked the new nurse a few questions.

Li Wenhui nervously replied, “Aunt Su, I will take good care of you.”

Mother Su didn’t understand the meaning behind Li Wenhui’s words. Since she was not familiar with her, she naturally assumed that the timid tone in the nurse’s voice was due to her being new and afraid of reprimands. This nurse even called her Aunt Su instead of Madam Su. Although she didn’t like the way she addressed her, she thought that it might be the nurse’s way to get more familiar, so she didn’t correct her.

Mother Su nodded. “Since the hospital assigned you here, work diligently. I’m feeling fine right now, so you can go now and do your other duties. If I need anything, I’ll press the bell at the bedside.”

After speaking, Mother Su realized that the nurse was still standing there and felt rather perplexed. “Why are you still here? Didn’t I ask you to go and do your other duties?” Mother Su was slightly displeased. The new nurse seemed a little dumb and had no idea about the rules.

Li Wenhui raised her head to look at Mother Su, and she said firmly, “Aunt Su, I’ll take good care of you. Please let me stay here!” She was here to meet Su Lenghan. She used to stay the entire day at the Su family’s entrance or Su Family Organization’s entrance, but now that she knew that Mother Su was admitted into the hospital, she reapplied to work here. Even though she was only an intern, she managed to be assigned to Mother Su by using the money Su Lenghan gave her to bribe the head nurse.

Mother Su frowned. Her dislike for this nurse increased. She insisted once again, “I wish to rest alone. I don’t need you now. When I need you, I’ll call for you. It’s not that I don’t want you, it’s just that I don’t need help right now, so don’t worry.” Aside from this reason, her son was going to visit later, and there were things that she didn’t want outsiders to hear. After all, they were going to discuss things about the Su family, and if the media caught wind of it again, their family’s reputation would be affected.

Li Wenhui refused to budge, and she said, “Aunt Su, it’s alright. I won’t disturb you. I’ll keep out of the way and just stand by the side.” The Li Wenhui now had already sunk into her own delusions and developed abnormal feelings towards Su Lenghan.

Mother Su stared hard at her, and she noticed that something was off in her expression—her face had a mixture of dazed, fanatical, and infatuated look. Looking at her made her skin crawl all over. Is this nurse retarded? Why couldn’t she understand basic instructions?

Mother Su hurriedly pressed the bell at her bedside several times. Li Wenhui asked in a confused tone, “Aunt Su, why did you press the bell? If you need anything, just let me know.”

Mother Su coughed. “Address me as all others do. Call me Madam Su.”

Li Wenhui could hear the reprimand in Mother Su’s words. Feeling dejected and inferior, she lowered her head and kept quiet.

After a while, the nurses rushed in her room, and one of them asked, “Madam Su, is there something wrong? Where does it hurt?”

When Mother Su saw them, she heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m used to the nurse who took care of me before, so reassign this nurse to some other place! I like it when it’s quiet, and I prefer to be left alone. I feel uncomfortable when someone is standing at the corner of my eye.”

The head nurse immediately apologized for her mistakes. Although the Su family was no longer as prestigious as it was, it was still a century-old noble family. Combined with the marriage alliance with the Meng family, they were not people to be offended. She quickly dragged Li Wenhui outside and scolded her. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t we come to an agreement? If another patient complains, you will get fired immediately regardless of your internship.”

While Li Wenhui was being dragged outside, Su Lenghan arrived from the elevator and was walking towards the ward.