Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Trying To Seduce Her Son

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While carrying a lunchbox, Su Lenghan walked briskly and took no notice of the people around him.

The moment Li Wenhui saw him, she froze. Staring at that elegant and noble figure, she didn’t want to move any further.

The head nurse was in her thirties and already had children. She was long over that infatuation phase, so she didn’t look much at Young Master Su. She was dragging Li Wenhui when all of a sudden, she couldn’t move her anymore. When she turned around, she saw the smitten look on Li Wenhui’s face, and this disgusted her.

The head nurse got angry on the spot. Pointing at Li Wenhui, she shouted, “Li Wenhui, what’s wrong with you? Do you still want this job, huh? If you don’t, then leave at once.”

When Li Wenhui heard the head nurse’s high-pitched voice, she snapped out of her trance and turned to her. “I still want the job.”

“Then why are you still standing there? Still not going? Don’t make a spectacle out of yourself!” Li Wenhui’s grave-looking face was annoying, but she continued having delusions about Young Master Su. It was a fool’s dream.

Su Lenghan, who was in front of them, heard Li Wenhui’s name and stopped walking for a moment. However, he didn’t stop nor turn around. He simply continued walking as if Li Wenhui was nothing but a stranger.

Seeing that Su Lenghan didn’t stop walking, Li Wenhui flung the head nurse’s arm away and ran towards him while calling out, “Young Master Su, Young Master Su…”

Su Lenghan’s hand was about to open the VIP ward’s door when he paused and turned around. He saw an emotional Li Wenhui and kept his silence.

When Li Wenhui saw Su Lenghan’s indifferent expression, she felt uncomfortable inside. She said, “Young Master Su, I finally get to meet you.”

Li Wenhui never knew her limits and was blinded by love, and this made Su Lenghan frown at her. “Why do you keep pestering me? I’ve already said that it was impossible between us. If you think that the money I gave wasn’t enough, then tell me how much do you need!”

Li Wenhui frantically waved her hands. “Young Master Su, it’s not that. I… I just want to be by your side. I will take good care of you and your mother. I’m a nurse, and I’m very good at taking caring of people.”

Li Wenhui’s attitude irritated Su Lenghan. “I’ve already said many times. I don’t need anyone by my side. If my mother needs someone to take care of her, I will hire a nurse and it will never be you. Do you understand?”

Su Lenghan had always kept out of trouble and girls usually didn’t get close to him. If it weren’t for that day when Li Wenhui took the chance when he was feeling low, that night wouldn’t have happened, and there wouldn’t be this mess right now.

“Young Master Su, I’m not after status.”

Su Lenghan was frustrated as he stared at Li Wenhui, irritation leaking from his gaze. “I don’t have any feelings for you. The more you cling to me, the more disgusted I am towards you. Isn’t that clear to you?”

Mother Su heard the commotion outside and left her bed only to see Li Wenhui at the door. “Aren’t you that nurse? So, you’re here to seduce my son. How shameless! Don’t even think about it!”

Li Wenhui didn’t understand why it became like this, and she hurriedly said, “Aunt Su— I mean, Madam Su, I know how to take care of people.”

“My son doesn’t like you, so you better give up now. Get a mirror and take a good look at yourself. You’re like a fool without any spine. Trying to enter the Su family as a mistress? In your dreams!” Although Mother Su didn’t like Meng Xinyan, she hated mistresses even more. The most hateful of that bunch were those who tried to seduce a man when his wife was pregnant.