Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Again On The Headlines

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Li Wenhui couldn’t believe Mother Su’s hateful words. “Madam Su, I… I’m not trying to break them apart. I didn’t approach Meng Xinyan. I just want to stay by Young Master Su’s side.”

Mother Su was livid, and she shouted, “So, you want to tell my daughter-in-law? You look like a fine lady, but you have a vicious heart. You’re eyeing the wealth of the Su family, right? You look decent, but you’re shameless. My son has a family already, and yet you’re still chasing after him. Your actions are that of a mistress, a home-wrecker…”

Mother Su fainted from anger.

Su Lenghan quickly caught his mother while calling the nurses and doctors. He glared at Li Wenhui and coldly said, “Don’t ever appear in front of me again. You know how I do things, so don’t push me.”

Li Wenhui stumbled backward. She was not a mistress. She just wanted to stay by Su Lenghan’s side.

The entire floor’s staff saw the whole scene and were gesturing at Li Wenhui in contempt. Even though they didn’t like Meng Xinyan, Li Wenhui’s actions were more despicable. Why was she trying to break up a family? And the worst thing was, the wife was pregnant while she was trying to seduce her husband. It was simply unacceptable.

Li Wenhui insisted that she was innocent. “I didn’t do anything wrong. What are you looking at? My conscience is clear. I’m just trying to treat him well, so how is that wrong?”

Everyone shook their heads and left after hearing Li Wenhui’s words. She was a fool on the brink of insanity.

At that time, Meng Xinyan was scheduled for a check-up, and within a few hours, the Meng family had already caught wind of the incident. Meng Xinyan furiously marched to the hospital with her big belly and yelled, “Where’s that mistress? Get that mistress to come out!”

“Miss Meng, please be careful. There isn’t any mistress here. What do you want to do?”

“Let me warn you guys. If you don’t hand over that mistress today, I will destroy this place!” Meng Xinyan heaved in anger as she said this.

Chen Pei followed behind her and complained about the unfair treatment towards her daughter. She even entered the VIP ward of Mother Su. Mother Su, who was resting after fainting, was awakened once again. Because of this, she suffered a minor stroke.

Su Lenghan’s head felt like it was going to explode. He was irritated beyond measure, and his temple twitched painfully as he clenched his fists tightly. He had to rein in his temper no matter what, and he repeatedly told himself to calm down.

The head nurse didn’t allow Li Wenhui to come out at first, but Li Wenhui came out on her own accord. Since the chance presented itself, she would tell Meng Xinyan about her existence.

The moment Li Wenhui came out, Meng Xinyan rushed at her and slapped her hard. She then tugged on Li Wenhui’s hair and said, “So it was you. That day, you were at Lenghan’s office, and you were there to seduce him. How shameless…”

Despite her pregnancy, Meng Xinyan was still quite strong. She tugged roughly at Li Wenhui’s hair as the latter tried to get away. The onlookers didn’t dare to intervene or help when they saw a pregnant woman fighting.

Li Wenhui finally pushed Meng Xinyan away. However, she bumped into her tummy, and Meng Xinyan started wailing in anguish about her stomach hurting. The doctors immediately sent her into the emergency room. After this commotion, the Su and Meng families ended up on the headlines once again.

When Yun Bixue and Xie Limo arrived at Country E, they didn’t go to Noel Harlem University straight away. Instead, they went directly to the presidential suite.

Xie Limo wanted to let Yun Bixue rest and sleep first before bringing her out to have fun.