Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Coquetry

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Although Yun Bixue said that she wasn’t tired, Xie Limo insisted that they rest for the night before going out tomorrow.

She knew that Xie Limo was just thinking of her well-being, but she still pouted in boredom.

After showering, Xie Limo saw that Yun Bixue was lying listlessly on the sofa. He walked over to bop on Yun Bixue’s nose and said, “You have your husband here, but you’re still bored?”

Yun Bixue turned her head to look at the scenery outside the window and pointed. “Look at how beautiful it is. Wouldn’t it be okay for you to accompany me for a stroll?”

Xie Limo never knew how playful his wife is when she was being willful. He realized that this year must have been tough for her to endure.

Yun Bixue knew that she was only able to let loose of her true personality because Xie Limo doted on her. Sometimes, when she acted coquettishly towards Xie Limo, she felt immensely sweet inside.

Seeing how he resigned himself to it and couldn’t help but continue doting on her made her feel the warmest inside.

In fact, she had never acted coquettishly before. In front of her grandfather, she had to be mature, and in front of her younger sister, she had to be a strong elder sister. With the Yun family, she had to be tough, and before Su Lenghan, she had to be mature and understanding. That was why she never acted this way—she was well aware that no one would tolerate it.

It wasn’t that women didn’t know how to act coquettishly. They just haven’t met the right person to act this way.

Now that she had met him, acting coquettishly made her feel good—she felt warm and fuzzy inside her heart.

Of course, Xie Limo had no idea about these musings in Yun Bixue’s mind. His heart only ached for her boredom. He said, “I’ll make some warm milk for you to drink. Rest a while, and I’ll bring you out to play for a while.”

Hearing Xie Limo’s words and seeing that his hair was still damp, Yun Bixue was moved. Because of this, tears started welling up in her eyes. She was too willful. All she wanted was to act a little coquettishly. She did not think that Xie Limo would agree to whatever she said.

Furthermore, he had just showered, and his hair was still damp. He should be resting on the bed, but because of her, he had always made exceptions. This made her fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Without realizing it, she was already deeply embedded in him, and she could no longer escape.

Xie Limo went to dry his hair, but when he came back and noticed that something was odd with Yun Bixue’s mood, he asked hurriedly, “What’s wrong? Are you sad? I promised to bring you out, and you can play for as long as you want. If you’re tired, we can rest all day tomorrow.” As long as he looked after her to make sure that she won’t tire herself out, it would be fine.

The more gentle Xie Limo was, and the more he doted on her, the more complicated Yun Bixue’s emotions became. She sniffed her nose lightly and shook her head. “Hubby, I’m just too touched.”

Xie Limo sighed lightly. “How silly.” His wife was still too easily satisfied.

Yun Bixue suddenly thought of something, and she tugged at Xie Limo’s sleeve. Xie Limo lowered his head as he sat down and asked, “What is it?”

“I just wanted to ask, is it very effective when a woman acts coquettishly to a man?”

Xie Limo chuckled. “It only works if the person is someone you care about. If a random woman started acting coquettishly, do you think the man will bother?”

Yun Bixue thought about it and nodded. “You’re right.” It seemed that it was true. In her case, she didn’t want to act coquettishly towards other people.

After the both of them had rested and prepared their things, Xie Limo held Yun Bixue’s hand as they walked and entered Allachose game complex.