Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Silly Girl So Silly

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While Yun Bilu was playing passionately, she suddenly raised her head and noticed that Huang Yize still wearing an indifferent expression. She puffed up her face and whined, “You’re ignoring me again!”

Huang Yize tried hard to soften his expression. He doesn’t want this lass to blame him for looking too cold and aloof. “Didn’t you just say that you love playing these games? Don’t get distracted while playing.”

Yun Bilu giggled while playing. “Huang Yize, everyone is saying that I’m your girlfriend. Tell me if I really am!” Under Huang Yize’s guidance and training, her gaming skills improved drastically. She could now afford to chat and get distracted while playing this kind of simple game.

Huang Yize looked at Yun Bilu’s excited expression and noticed that her eyes were darting around, as though they could speak. He pursed his lips and didn’t reply.

Yun Bilu stomped harshly on the game machine and pressed forcefully on the buttons. It was as though she had treated it as Huang Yize as she trampled over him. Why didn’t he speak and reply to her? Hmph! He’s being haughty and keeping to himself unnecessarily .

As he looked at Yun Bilu’s angry face, the corners of her lips curled up gently. Just this faint smile was enough to make him melt and look gentle. He asked warmly, “Are you that angry?”

Yun Bilu turned around and stared hard at Huang Yize. Her gaze was loaded with annoyance. “Of course. I’ve already asked you several times, but you’ve never answered me.” Ever since the rumors about their relationship spread on campus, Huang Yize maintained this attitude—he neither admitted nor denied their relationship.

In fact, his attitude towards her did change. In the past, he only spoke a few words to her, but now, he was more talkative. However, he still looked cold and distant despite becoming gentler. One could say that he even became stricter towards her too.

Nonetheless, what was most important was that he would bring her out to have fun together, and this made her happy.

“So silly!”

Hearing these two words, Yun Bilu became livid. She jumped down from the game machine and grabbed Huang Yize’s sleeve. She raged, “Huang Yize, what do you mean by that? You said that I was silly? I’m not silly. I’m very smart. My grades might not be comparable to yours, but I still rank second every year. On top of that, I still run my own cafe, and I work hard to earn money. I can still do many other things, so how could you say that I’m silly?” While she was saying this, she stood there with her arms akimbo. She raised her head and looked as though she wanted to fight him.

Huang Yize was startled, and he chuckled resignedly. He really couldn’t treat this lass as he would to others. Supporting his forehead with one hand, he really didn’t know how to explain himself.

“Huang Yize, answer me. Why am I silly? Hmm?” Yun Bilu felt that she was rather intelligent, so she couldn’t bear that her image was poor in her idol’s heart. Furthermore, according to her interpretation, the word ‘silly’ only reminded her of someone who looks like an idiot and wastes his life away.

Huang Yize shook his head. With a throbbing head, he sighed and said, “You tell me. It’s already been such a long time, but you’re still asking me the same question. Aren’t you silly?”

Yun Bilu stomped her feet in anger. “I’m not silly! I’m not silly! I’m not silly! If you say I’m silly again, I’m going to be really mad at you!”

Looking at Yun Bilu behaving like an irritated kitten, Huang Yize’s heart stirred. His hand impulsively caressed Yun Bilu’s hair and said, “Don’t you always talk to your elder sister over the phone? You can ask her if I’m right.”

“My elder sister would definitely say that I’m right and you’re wrong.”

A glint flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes. His lips curled up as he asked, “What if your elder sister doesn’t say so?”

Yun Bilu noticed that look on Huang Yize’s face and felt that something was amiss. “You’re not plotting against me, are you?” She had known Huang Yize for such a long time, but she still felt that her IQ wasn’t adequate whenever she hung out with him.