Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Grounded On Campus For A Month

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A glint flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes. This lass was overly smart, but extraordinarily muddled and silly sometimes.

“What are you thinking? Tell me.”

Huang Yize allowed Yun Bilu to tug at his sleeves even though she applied too much force. His sleeve was almost ripped off, but he never showed any displeasure at all. Instead, his lips curled into a smile, and he asked, “What do you think I’m thinking about?”

Yun Bilu looked at Huang Yize who had lowered his head. She didn’t know why, but her heart started to pound all of a sudden. In particular, she could see her silhouette clearly reflected in Huang Yize’s eyes. This sensation was nerve-wracking yet sweet.

She even felt short of breath. Each time Huang Yize got close to her, she always felt this way.

Looking at Yun Bilu’s taut expression and how she couldn’t even move her body, he took a step back. “If your elder sister says that I’m right, then you’re not allowed to leave the campus for one month.”

“Why?” Why couldn’t she leave campus? Wouldn’t it bore her to tears?

Huang Yize smoothed out the creases on his sleeve. He said in a calm yet arrogant tone, “I’ve brought you around enough to have fun this past few days. You can stay put for one month.” In reality, he had received news that a group had entered Country E to stir up trouble. Therefore, he could only make her stay on campus for one month.

Yun Bilu was struggling deep inside. She wouldn’t have been able to try so many fun things on her own. If he said that she would have enough fun, she definitely would. She just had to stay on campus for a month, and it wasn’t too difficult. “Would you really bring me around to play after that?

Huang Yize nodded gently. “You still don’t believe me?”

Yun Bilu agreed with a bright smile. “Okay, I promise you. When I go back, I’ll call and ask my elder sister.” Huang Yize had always been a man of his words. He was famous in the student union and even the entire school. He was extremely eloquent and had also never lied to her before, so naturally, she believed him.

“Call her now while I’m still here.”

Yun Bilu pursed her lips. “I don’t want to.”

“Do you still want to have fun?”

She answered without a second thought, “Of course.”

Huang Yize saw the eagerness in Yun Bilu’s eyes and wanted to burst out in laughter. Indeed, this lass was so passionate about having fun. “Then call her with me by your side. Are you afraid that I’ll hear your conversation?”

Yun Bilu lowered her head and felt the unfairness in her situation. Of course, she would be afraid that he would hear her conversation. Thinking about her previous phone call with her elder sister, she had mentioned that she wouldn’t woo her male idol anymore and wanted to date someone other than him. His dark and cold aura back then had made her so frightened that her heart almost stopped beating. As a matter of fact, there was still a bit of fear lingering in her heart whenever she thought about it.

After some hesitation, Yun Bilu finally called her elder sister. She wanted to complain about how overbearing Huang Yize was, but he was just beside her, and she really couldn’t say it aloud. She could only tell her elder sister, “Elder Sister, I came out with Huang Yize today to have fun.”

At this very moment, Yun Bixue was looking down from the second floor. After taking a sip of coffee, she smiled. “Okay.”

“Elder Sister, aren’t you curious? Why aren’t you asking about what we did?”

Yun Bixue smiled warmly. “I am curious, but I know that you’ll eventually tell me, so I don’t have to ask.” She actually felt that her younger sister had a high IQ, but when it comes to emotional matters, she was sometimes muddle-headed.

“Elder Sister, you have no idea. My classmates are all saying that I’m his girlfriend, but whenever I ask him, he just won’t answer me. He also said that I was silly. How could he do that?”

Yun Bixue sniggered. “Did you really ask him over and over again?

“Yes, he neither admits nor denies it, and he just brings me out to have fun. I just want to know and hear his answer! Am I his girlfriend or not?”

Yun Bixue glanced at Xie Limo, who was beside her, and asked, “Do you want to ask your brother-in-law? Men understand men the best.”

Xie Limo took over the phone, but he didn’t know how to explain it too. Yes, men understood other men, but there were a lot of things that couldn’t be explained to women. Therefore, he could only say, “Bilu, I frequently call your elder sister ‘silly’ too. Do you know what I mean now?”