Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Don't Be Afraid I'll Protect You

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After listening to her brother-in-law’s words, Yun Bilu was rather startled.

Yun Bixue took over the cell phone and said, “Bilu, when your brother-in-law calls me silly, I don’t feel angry or unhappy at all because I know that he dotes on me. Does that make things clear for you?”

Yun Bilu had a sudden realization. When the call had ended, she lowered her head and peeked at Huang Yize with an embarrassed expression. She didn’t even know what kind of expression he would show. Would he laugh at her or would he feel the same way towards her just like how her brother-in-law felt towards her elder sister?

As that thought came to mind, Yun Bilu’s heart felt sweet, and her cheeks began to heat up. This kind of feeling was fascinating, and it was the first time she felt this way. She couldn’t verbalize how she felt, but she simply felt happy. A pleasant feeling welled up in her heart.

Seeing her embarrassed look, a glint flashed across Huang Yize’s eyes as he revealed a vague smile. He crossed his arms and asked, “Why are you looking at the ground? Is there something interesting on it?” It was so rare to see her behaving in a timid manner.

Yun Bilu raised her head and looked at him. She couldn’t conceal the happiness and bliss in her eyes at all.

When Huang Yize’s saw Yun Bilu’s tender and radiant expression, his gaze changed. His pair of deep-set eyes stared squarely at her as they shone alluringly. They were warm and gentle as though they can melt ice.

Yun Bilu’s heart skipped a heart. At that moment, she could truly feel that she was all that Huang Yize saw, and she couldn’t help but feel that he kept her in his heart.

Huang Yize softened his expression, and he asked gently, “Aren’t you playing any more games?”

Yun Bilu stood rooted to the spot as she replayed Huang Yize’s gentle voice. From her perspective, this was his genuine concern and warmth towards her.

However, before she could say anything, her stomach began to grumble noisily.

“We just ate dinner. Are you hungry again?”

Yun Bilu covered her stomach in embarrassment. In the dorm, her roommates would regularly give some pointers on how a demure lady should behave when it comes to food. She shouldn’t wolf down her meals because it would annoy men easily, and she couldn’t overeat because men like ladies with a small appetite. The list went on and on. There were many things to note, and she couldn’t remember them.

She had certainly restrained herself whenever she ate in front of Huang Yize. Therefore, as soon as she got back in her dorm, she would eat a lot of snacks.

That was why she was truly starving at the moment. Since she had too much fun playing games earlier, her hunger was more apparent after she stopped playing.

Huang Yize simply frowned. Glancing at the second floor, he said, “I’ll treat you to dinner. Let’s go.”

As she watched Huang Yize’s figure walking away, Yun Bilu snapped out of her shock. She happily rubbed her stomach and followed him. However, right at that moment, the sound of a gunshot pierced through the building from outside.

Huang Yize turned around immediately. He leaped and instantly pushed Yun Bilu onto the floor. Embracing her tightly, they rolled on the floor, finally hiding behind a wall.

Yun Bilu was in a daze. However, she had distinctly heard a gunshot and the sharp shrills and screaming that followed it.

Huang Yize lifted Yun Bilu and leaned her against the wall. Lowering his head, he said gravely, “Bilu, listen to every word I say. Don’t be afraid and don’t panic. Just follow me. I will protect you. Don’t ever wander off.”

Yun Bilu nodded. Looking at the grim Huang Yize, her heart felt safe and at ease. Since she was a child, she had been protecting her elder sister, and in that very moment, someone else had promised to protect her. Her eyes started to redden uncontrollably.

She was afraid of the sound of the gunshot, but with him by her side, she no longer panicked.

“Don’t cry. Aren’t you very strong?”

“Yes, yes.” She actually felt touched and wasn’t really crying. However, this wasn’t the right time to feel conflicted. Although her body felt rather weak now, she tried her best to breathe and calm herself down.

At this moment, Huang Yize instantly whipped out a gun. His expression was cold, and his gaze was loaded with menace. He leaned against the wall, ready to shoot anytime.