Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Young Master From The Black Dragon Gang?

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Yun Bilu could feel her hand trembling. Before she could snap out of her shock, Huang Yize hugged her and rolled on the ground. He then pulled her up and left their spots right away.

From such a close distance, Yun Bilu could smell a dark fragrance on Huang Yize’s body. He smelled pleasant and dominating, and it made her feel safe. She hadn’t had physical contact with men before, and she realized that their shoulders and embrace provided such a sense of security.

At that moment, Yun Bilu even thought that she would no longer feel afraid regardless of how dangerous it was outside. It was all because he was by her side. In the past, it was exhausting to woo Huang Yize, but she would always dream of touching his heart and that he would hug her one day.

Back then, it was just wishful thinking, but now, her dreams were becoming real. Thinking back, she realized that she had put in so much effort and she had really reaped what she sowed. It felt great. Indeed, determination was the key to all these.

While Yun Bilu was dazed, Huang Yize knocked her on her head. “Don’t get distracted.” It was so dangerous, yet this girl was still getting distracted. He didn’t even know what to say to her.

The corners of Yun Bilu’s eyes crinkled as she grinned. Hugging Huang Yize, she asked, “We’re safe now, right?” Their current spot was surrounded by walls, and there was only a small corridor. It was a crucial position to stay on guard.

“Yes, we’re safe. Under these circumstances, we cannot just let our guard down at any time. We cannot underestimate our enemies. Do you understand?”

Listening to Huang Yize’s lecture, Yun Bilu nodded and composed herself. Despite feeling somewhat timid, it was most important that she remained by his side.

A thought suddenly struck her, and she said, “Huang Yize, if someone fires at you, I’ll take the bullet for you.”

Huang Yize shuddered and turned around immediately to face her. When he saw the sincerity and determination in her eyes, he knew that she meant every single word she said. Waves of emotions crashed through his heart, and his grip on Yun Bilu’s waist relaxed.

Huang Yize slowly said, “I promised that I’ll protect you. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Yun Bilu wanted to insist that she was being serious, but when she saw the grim look on Huang Yize’s face, she pursed her lips and kept quiet.

At this very moment, Huang Yize would never have imagined that one day, Yun Bilu would truly do what she had said. He wouldn’t be able to take how much his heart ached as he watched her take the bullet for him.

Of course, this was all happening in the future. At that moment, both of them leaned solemnly against the wall while they waited for everything to cease outside.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, Yun Bixue was shocked as well when she heard the gunshot. It made her recall the moment when someone tried to assassinate Xie Limo during his inauguration speech in Ning An City.

Yun Bixue felt the blood drain from her face as she instinctively grabbed Xie Limo’s hand. “Limo, what do we do? Did someone find out that we’ve come to Country E and tried to attack us here?”

A glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. He gently patted Yun Bixue’s hand and reassured her. “No, none of the royal families in Ning An City are qualified to attack here. These shooters probably belong to a secret force. This is the second floor, so we’re safe here.”

Yun Bixue tried to calm herself down, but she suddenly thought of her younger sister below. She asked frantically, “Limo, do you have a gun? Bilu is still downstairs. I have to protect her.”

Last night, she had been trained professionally with Xie Limo’s help. After the training, her aiming had always been accurate, and she wanted to test it out in a real fight.

Xie Limo hurriedly grabbed Yun Bixue’s hand, giving her strength. “You can’t go down. You said that the person beside Bilu is Huang Yize, right? If my guess is right, he should be the young master of the Black Dragon Gang. With him around, nothing bad will ever happen to your younger sister.”