Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Youd Only Have A Stronger Younger Sister

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Yun Bixue was stupefied after hearing Xie Limo’s words. Black Dragon Gang? The international force that rules across the good and the evil? That gang that once terrorized the entire Country E and left it with no choice but to silence an old marshal to appease them?

Her heart raced uncontrollably as she tried to wrap her head around it. The person that her younger sister liked was actually the young master of the Black Dragon Gang. This was impossible. She didn’t want to believe it at all.

She clutched at Xie Limo’s sleeve and asked, “Is that true? Is he really the young master of the Black Dragon Gang? Could you have made a mistake?” As an elder sister, she only wished that her younger sister would lead a peaceful and quiet life. If she were to get entangled with the Black Dragon Gang, she would be living in a state of turbulence, and she definitely wouldn’t be able to live peacefully.

Noticing Yun Bixue’s frantic state, Xie Limo caressed her face. “Don’t panic. Didn’t I tell you that you have to stay calm whenever you’re in a difficult situation? I guessed his identity from his name and after seeing his face today. I’m probably right.”

“In that case, won’t Bilu be in much danger by being with him? No, I can’t let her be together with him.”

“Bilu likes him. Will you break them apart? If we were in their shoes, would you choose to leave me if it’s dangerous to stay by my side?”

Without hesitating, Yun Bilu shook her head. “I definitely wouldn’t leave. Even if it’s dangerous, I’m still your wife, and I’ll always stay by your side. Still, my younger sister is different. She’s not in a relationship with Huang Yize yet, is she?”

Xie Limo shook his head. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and held her nearer to him. “There’s nothing different about it. You have to consider Bilu’s feelings. She’s no longer a child, and she can decide things for herself. What you should be doing is to give her your blessings and support all her decisions. Hadn’t you been doing a good job previously? Why are you so flustered this time around?”

“But… But… Limo, you know that I only have one younger sister. I can’t lose her.”

Xie Limo nodded and caressed her hair. “I’ve sent someone to protect Bilu secretly. She has to grow stronger too. You won’t lose her, so don’t worry. You would only have a stronger younger sister.”

While he was saying this, Xie Limo looked down and saw the moment where Huang Yize had grabbed Yun Bilu’s hand and fired a bullet.

Looking at that shot, Xie Limo paused the movements of his hand on Yun Bixue’s hair. He understood in his heart that this bullet represented the path that Yun Bilu would walk on in the future.

If she wanted to be with Huang Yize, she had to rely on her own abilities to sit on the throne that belonged to the young madam of the Black Dragon Gang. No one would be able to help her. She would be the only one who could rule over the old marshals from the Black Dragon Gang and all their subordinates.

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo and didn’t say anything. Following his line of sight, she looked down as well and witnessed the same scene. Her bright eyes widened, and her grip on Xie Limo’s arm tightened without realizing it.

Xie Limo looked at his arm and noticed Yun Bixue’s alarmed expression. He sighed gently and hugged her from behind. Wrapping his arms around her, he said softly, “Don’t make any noise. You have to believe in them. They’ll be alright.”

A thought popped up all of a sudden in Yun Bixue’s head. “Limo, you said that you guessed Huang Yize’s identity. Did someone figured it out as well and attacked him intentionally?”

Xie Limo shook his head. “The Black Dragon Gang has been mysterious and unpredictable since the olden days. Nobody knows about their master and young master. I could make a guess because my father is friends with the master of the Black Dragon Gang.”

Yun Bixue turned around and asked, “It’s not like the ancient days, is it? The two families are friends with each other and even arranged betrothals? Did you also have a fiancée who was betrothed to you?”