Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Meeting Bilu On A Rainy Night

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Once she heard Xie Limo’s explanation, things became clear to Yun Bixue. Despite her lack of interest in Country E’s matters, her younger sister studied there, so she had no choice but to keep updated with its news.

In the presidential suite, Yun Bixue had a thorough discussion with Xie Limo about the political scene in Country E. She found out that the new president was an illegitimate child of the previous president, and his charisma and capabilities were both superb. The latter was clearly evidenced by his swift and decisive ways when he took over the position.

Yun Bixue had thought that if an illegitimate child didn’t possess adequate capabilities, he would never have become the new president and gain the support of Country E’s citizens.

As they watched the news, winds started to blow outside. It swept through the small openings of the windows, bringing a trace of dampness with its gusts.

Yun Bixue stood up and walked towards the windows to shut them. She saw that it had begun to rain outside. The rain poured down as the winds blew, pitter-pattering against the windows.

She opened one of the windows and stuck her head out to look. When Xie Limo saw this, he immediately pulled her in and shut the window. “You’ll catch a cold.” Although the weather in Country E was favorable at the moment, it was still chilly when it rained.

Yun Bixue pursed her lips and obediently shut all the other windows in the suite. She then leaned against the window and watched the torrential rain outside. “We can’t go out and play tomorrow!”

“Maybe it’s for the best. It’s not exactly safe outside now. I’ll keep you company here. The weather is also much better here than in Ning An City, so this is a great chance to rest and improve your health.”

Later, when they were lying on the bed, Yun Bixue listened to the sounds of the rain and wind coming from outside. She rested in Xie Limo’s embrace, feeling very safe and snug in his arms.

She actually liked how it was raining outside. It made the house feel warmer and safer.

In the student union’s dormitory in Noel Harlem University, Huang Yize received a call from his family, requesting for his return.

“Young Master, Old Master gave the order for your return this time.”

Huang Yize’s hand paused from flipping his book’s pages. He answered calmly, “I got it.”

“Young Master, Old Master said that he would personally come to pick you up if you don’t return. Young Master, you have to return. Country E isn’t safe now.”

“It is safe to me.”

“Young Master, Old Master is worried about you.”

Huang Yize listened to the persistent voice over the phone. His brows began to knit as he showed a hint of coldness. “Uncle, you’ve served my father for a long time. Are you trying to make decisions for me now too?”

“Young Master, I, your subordinate, would never dare to do so. It’s because Old Master misses you and is worried about you. Old Master’s health is deteriorating day by day. Take it as me pleading you. Please, Young Master, return to see Old Master!”

Huang Yize was silent for a moment. He then nodded and agreed to return.

After ending the call, Huang Yize realized that it was pouring outside. A dark glint flashed across his eyes. He looked some distance ahead and saw the female dormitory a few buildings away—that was where Yun Bilu resided.

That night, Huang Yize packed his things up. After settling the procedures to leave school, he carried his luggage while holding an umbrella and arrived at the lobby of the female dormitory.

He stepped forward and knocked on the door. The dorm manager opened the door and instantly recognized Huang Yize—he was someone who made everyone in this entire building crazy. A few of the ladies who were closer to her had even gushed over him many times.

“Hello, Aunty. I’m looking for Yun Bilu from Room 302.”

The dorm manager replied in a kind voice, “Sure. Young man, it’s raining so hard, but you’re still here to look for your girlfriend. Just wait for a moment, okay? I’ll go up and get her.”