Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Already Kissed

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The dorm manager gave Huang Yize a look of approval and encouragement. After managing this dormitory for so many years, she had built a great relationship with the students. She had also seen many people coming here to look for their girlfriends. However, there were only a handful of people who came despite such heavy rain.

After speaking, she took the elevator and went to the third floor.

At that moment, Yun Bilu was lying on the bed. With a hand over her heart, she was thinking about the recent events, particularly about a certain person. Huang Yize had hugged her and promised to protect her. They were in a dangerous situation that time, but she somehow felt safe.

In the past, she had never imagined that he would take the initiative to hug her—his embrace had been so warm.

She saw the worry in his eyes back then. His concern was sincere, and she felt that he really liked her. As she thought of this, the corners of Yun Bilu’s mouth turned up, and this radiant smile filled her body with warmth and excitement.

When her three roommates saw her smiling at nothing in particular, their eyes widened.

“Did something happen to Little Lulu today? Look at that face. It’s weird. Something’s wrong!”

“Yeah, she would either be yelling or talking excitedly, but she’s so quiet today.”

“I think it’s because she went out with Young Master Huang earlier.”

“Ah, I remember now. They must have kissed already, haven’t they? She’ll only be like that after kissing. Oh my gosh! How exciting! She’s reliving every moment of it!”

The more her roommates talked about her, the more they thought that the two of them had indeed kissed already. They hurriedly went to Yun Bilu’s bed and stood there wide-eyed at her dreamy and absent-minded expression. They even waved their hands before her face.

Yun Bilu was initially preoccupied with happy thoughts, but when she saw her roommates waving their hands in front of her face, she snapped out of her woolgathering and pushed them away. She sat up and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Gosh, Little Lulu, we’re just curious. Quick, tell us. Did you two kiss earlier? Hoho…”

“That’s right. Forgive us for being single and nosy, Little Lulu, but please hurry up and quench our thirst for gossip.”

“Hoho! Kiss, kiss…”

Hearing the word ‘kiss,’ Yun Bilu’s face immediately turned red. They didn’t do it at all. However, she looked forward to it deep down. When she first started chasing after Huang Yize, she just wished that he would talk to her more. After that, she wanted him to treat her more gently. When he did treat her more gently, she then wished that he would hug her. Generally speaking, as soon as she got what she wished for, her heart didn’t remain contented. She wanted more and more.

“Look, our Little Lulu is blushing. I knew it. They must have kissed.”

“Oh, Little Lulu. Your kiss belongs to me. Come here, give me a kiss…” Xiao Huan pouted and leaned forward to kiss Bilu.

Yun Bilu frantically pushed away Xiao Huan and yelled, “It’s not what you think it is!”

At that point, the dorm manager knocked on the door. Yun Bilu quickly got out of bed and opened the door. Seeing that it was their dorm manager, she asked curiously, “Aunty, is there anything we can help you with?”

“You must be Yun Bilu. Oh my! It’s raining cats and dogs, but your boyfriend still went out to see you. He’s waiting for you downstairs. Hurry, don’t keep him waiting. Where can you find such a wonderful boyfriend these days? He’s handsome, he has a clean background, and he’s so sincere and dedicated towards you.”

When Yun Bilu heard that Huang Yize was downstairs, her heart skipped a beat. She looked at the torrential rain outside, and a worried look appeared on her face. Picking up an umbrella beside her bed, she rushed out of their room and headed downstairs.

Outside the room, the corridor resounded with her words thanking the dorm manager. She was gone in an instant.

The three roommates crossed their arms while facing the door.

“I knew it! I said that the two of them have made some progress, right? I was right, wasn’t I?”

“Little Lulu was blushing and behaving awkwardly. Before, she was outspoken and could take on challenges better than us. But now, her personality had completely changed after falling in love. Did she really become quiet and shy?”