Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Here To Say Goodbye

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Yun Bilu melted into a puddle at the sight of Huang Yize’s smiling face. He was as radiant as a rainbow, and his gaze was as clear as water. She had been truly captivated by his mysterious and carefree aura.

When her eyes met Huang Yize’s gaze, she felt an overwhelming sensation, and an intense feeling of sweetness filled her heart. He chuckled to himself—he looked so gentle now. She no longer found him distant and cold. Instead, she felt warm.

Strong winds accompanied the rain outside, but she didn’t feel chilly at all.

Looking at Yun Bilu grinning from ear to ear, Huang Yize asked softly, “Are you that happy?”

Without hesitating, Yun Bilu bluntly voiced out her thoughts. “Yes. You explained why you’re leaving, and you even smiled at me. You’re more gentle than before.”

Hearing those words from Yun Bilu, the curve on Huang Yize’s lips straightened. His gaze hardened as he recalled how he had treated Yun Bilu in the past. He tapped Yun Bilu’s head gently with his finger and said, “Keep in mind the university’s instructions and stay out of trouble. I’m going home now.”

“Wait, you’re leaving now? That’s all you’re going to say?” Yun Bilu was reluctant to see him go. She wanted to listen more to his voice since she didn’t know when he would return. The moment she thought about how long he would be away, her heart felt heavy. It was a feeling that she couldn’t put into words.

It felt like how her elder sister and grandfather had been bent on sending her overseas back then. She would whine loudly and vent her displeasure in the past, but now, she couldn’t show Huang Yize those emotions. She could only remain calm and keep those feelings to herself.

Huang Yize’s brows twitched. He raised his head with a faraway look in his eyes. Under the night sky, the stark lights shone, and he could distinctly see how heavily the rain was pouring. After thinking for a moment, he asked, “What else do you want to hear?”

Yun Bilu pursed her lips. She knew that she ought to feel satisfied with what she already had—Huang Yize wouldn’t even tell her such things on a typical day. However, she couldn’t help asking, “You’re going home already, but before you go, can I call you ‘Yize’ in the future?” She heard her elder sister addressing her brother-in-law as ‘Limo’ and thought that it must only be for one’s closest loved ones. Because of this, she would like to dispense with formalities and just call him by his first name.

Huang Yize’s eyes lit up, and he nodded. “Sure. You can call me that after I return. In the meantime, you have to be good.”

Hearing that Huang Yize had agreed, Yun Bilu felt conflicted. She wanted to push her luck further and ask if she could call him ‘Ahze,’ but after a moment’s hesitation, she didn’t ask him.

When she had the chance in the future, she would definitely ask him that.

“Yes, I’ll do a good job in school. Do you really have urgent matters at home? You didn’t want to tell me about it because it’ll be dangerous, but would it be even more dangerous for you?” Thinking of that shoot-out earlier, she couldn’t help but fear for his safety.

“You don’t have to worry about these things. Go back now. There’s a car waiting for me outside.” After staring deeply into Yun Bilu’s eyes, he lifted his luggage and turned around to leave.

Before he could walk away, Yun Bilu grabbed Huang Yize’s arm. “You’re here to say goodbye to me, right?” She didn’t know why but she felt miserable tonight. Even though she knew that he would return, she just couldn’t bear to part with him. Had she grown used to having him by her side, especially now when she had begun to see him as her boyfriend?

Huang Yize hesitated. He just wanted to see and hear her voice before leaving, but after hearing her words that were filled with anticipation, he nodded his head to please her.

Yun Bilu replied in a reluctant tone, “Be careful and have a safe journey.”


However, Yun Bilu still clutched Huang Yize’s sleeve tightly, unwilling to let him go.