Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Wallowing In Grief

Yun Bixue raised her head slightly so she could get a good look of Xie Limo, who was radiating charm from head to toe. The warm light shone around his silhouette, which held as much grandeur as a temple.

She was falling for his charms and started to lose her senses. In a trance, she found herself pressed between him and the mat.

He held her body in place, his hand clasped around hers.

Xie Limo's light, elegant scent spread across her face as he rained gentle kisses on her.

She felt electrified. Especially when he ran his long slender fingers across skin; her body could not stop shaking.

At last, his soft lips parted hers, and her mouth was filled with a passion as intense as a storm.

A faint fragrance engulfed her. While the sweetness enveloped her, she felt herself giving in to the pleasure. Her mind was emptied, as though her head were in the clouds.

Su Family's House

Inside the house, Su Lenghan suddenly woke up from a dream. He glanced at the sky outside and rubbed his forehead. He looked at the computer in front of him, and his thin lips curled slightly. He had unknowingly fallen asleep from tiredness.

Recently, he had been involuntarily thinking about Yun Bixue, especially the scene of her lying in his arms, her forehead bleeding.

At the time, he hadn't thought much about it. Thinking about it now, he felt that she was so fragile and puny, and he could crush her with barely any effort.

That was the first time the two had been so close physically in the three years they had known each other. If Meng Xinyan weren't by his side on that day, perhaps he would have waited until she woke up.

When he was able to squeeze out some time to visit her, he found that he couldn't enter her room, much less see her in person. The hospital was surrounded by bodyguards. It turned out that she really was together with Young Master Xie now.

Could Bixue really handle a man shrouded in mystery like him?

Recently Meng Xinyan had been pestering him to the extreme, so he was a bit exhausted. They were going to be engaged, yet without understanding why, his heart felt empty when he thought about that a joyous event.

Now, in the silence, images of the time spent with Yun Bixue kept flashing in his mind. In all honesty, he had not treated her well back then, but Yun Bixue was someone who was easily satisfied.

Even doing something like asking his secretary to send her a flower made her happy for days. Thinking back on it now, he could still remember her eyes shining with joy.

But she was too ordinary back then. If it wasn't for the engagement, he might not have been involved with her at all.

"Lenghan, the flowers you sent me are lovely. I've placed them carefully in the vase, and I've been changing the water daily."

"Lenghan, I'm leaving work early today. Can you accompany me for a meal?"

"Lenghan, I know you're busy now so I won't bother you. I've asked the front desk to pass you the packed food."

"Lenghan, I lost my parents a long time ago. You're the only one I have besides Grandfather. I'll try my best to treat you well in the future."


Why was his mind filled with her now? He felt that he was coming close to something, but it eluded him.

He had a bit of a headache, and he leaned his head on the chair to rest. But the more he rested, the more agitated he became.

He looked outside and then headed downstairs for a meal. However, when he looked at the cell phone on the desk, his expression changed for a moment. He paused, turned back and brought the phone along. In the contact list was the person he was once most familiar withYun Bixue.

Following a curious impulse, he dialed the number.

In Yun Bixue's dizzy state, she suddenly felt colder. Her clothes seemed to be coming off. In that exact moment, a clear ringtone broke the atmosphere.