Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Torpedo

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Yun Bixue opened one of the articles and saw the horde of comments criticizing Chen Pei. Some of them were bashing Father Meng, claiming that he deserved it and only had himself to blame.

After all, Father Meng had deserted his first wife for Chen Pei, his mistress during that time. He even neglected the daughter he had with his first wife. Some of them pitied Meng Xintong and condemned Meng Xinyan.

There was also a lot of evidence describing Father Meng’s shabby treatment of his eldest daughter. In addition to that, there were pieces of evidence of Meng Xinyan bullying her elder sister.

With Chen Pei’s instigation, Father Meng had forced his biological daughter to give up everything in order to give them all to Chen Pei’s son. Because of this, Father Meng had driven his own daughter out of her home.

The truth made everyone feel sympathetic towards Meng Xintong, and they even began to protect and defend her.

In Ning An City, the Meng family’s world had turned upside down.

Father Meng raised his fists and rained blows on Chen Pei. He roared, “I’ll beat you slut to death! You’re truly audacious. How dare you lie to me! You had actually brought a bastard into my family and even tried to swindle my family’s assets! In your dreams! In your dreams! The nerve of you!”

“Ahh! Have mercy… Old Master, it was not my intention to lie to you— Ahh! Don’t—” Badly beaten up, Chen Pei collapsed on the floor. Her whole body ached, and she didn’t even dare to stand up at all—she could hear her bones cracking.

The servants kept their distance and hid in their rooms. At that moment, the Meng family was just like a torpedo—Father Meng could explode at any time and place. The house was a mess, and the floor was full of scattered pieces of broken things.

Outside, the reporters surrounded their home as they attempted to interview them. It was so noisy that even the servants didn’t sleep properly.

The eldest miss didn’t come home anymore. The second miss didn’t return either. As for the youngest master, he was not the biological son, so he would definitely not come home.

Therefore, Chen Pei became Father Meng’s punching bag. He raged at her, hitting her whenever he liked. Since Father Meng pampered Chen Pei before, no one had expected that he would hit her so savagely in the end.

Father Meng regretted his mistakes and was furious at her. He missed his eldest daughter more and more. He couldn’t help but think about his first wife as he looked at Chen Pei. He found her an eyesore—this slut had actually deceived him for more than two decades. He just couldn’t tolerate this at all.

No sane person would be able to accept such lies.

If Chen Pei’s secret were to remain hidden, he probably wouldn’t even uncover this even on his deathbed. He would have foolishly given the entire Meng family’s assets to a bastard.

He thought about how he had forced his biological daughter back then, and the regret that filled him almost made him slam his head against the wall.

“I’ll beat you to death! I’ll beat you to death—”

“Ahh! Stop hitting—”

Panting with rage, Father Meng continued to punch and kick Chen Pei. Her face swelled, and blood dripped from the corners of her lips. With a dying gasp, she begged Father Meng for mercy.

She had no idea why things had ended up this way since she had concealed everything well. Now, she was reeling from the shock of having her secret known, not to mention Father Meng’s unrelenting fury.

In the end, Chen Pei passed out. Father Meng was stunned as he sat on the floor with tears on his face. He was full of regret and hatred. The thought that he had almost given his entire company to outsiders pricked his heart.

When Meng Xintong saw the response to this news, the corners of her lips turned up to reveal a mocking smile. She had already moved out, and her servants at home had called her today to report about the situation. Actually, she didn’t care about this at all. It wasn’t her business how harsh Father Meng was hitting Chen Pei. Chen Pei was just a part of her past and was no longer a threat to her.

Even if her father regretted everything he had done to her and her mother, she didn’t really care anymore. If not for this scandalous exposé, she believed that her father would still hate her. Now, she no longer craved his fatherly love. She felt contented with Zhou Pingyu by her side.

After seeing the Meng family’s entertaining show, she was now looking forward to the Su family’s upcoming drama. Would the Su family still regard Meng Xinyan as a gem after finding out her real identity? Would they still think that Su Lenghan had made the right decision to abandon Yun Bixue back then?