Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Absurd Person

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Meng Xintong knew, without a doubt, that the Su family would regret their actions. After Chen Pei had been exposed, the marriage alliance between the Su and Meng families remained in name only. As a daughter, she still had a good understanding of her father. When he hated someone, he would truly hate that person to the core. If Chen Pei dared to treat him in this manner, he would not care if Meng Xinyan lived or died.

She believed that her father would definitely not lend a helping hand to the Su family ever again. Even if Meng Xinyan were still his daughter, with Chen Pei around, Father Meng surely wouldn’t bother about her.

In fact, everything unfolded in the same way that Meng Xintong had expected. The Su family had also begun to blow up and collapse.

After receiving the news, Mother Su immediately fainted and was sent to the hospital once again. She didn’t regain consciousness for a while. When Su Lenghan heard what happened, he canceled his ongoing meeting and rushed to the hospital.

Father Su sighed in despair as he regretted their involvement with Meng Xinyan. What kind of person had their family allowed in? She had caused their family to become a laughing stock incessantly.

Now, a lot of people were mocking the Su family. They talked about how the Su family had abandoned the Yun family and chosen the Meng family instead. In the end, Meng Xinyan amounted to nothing, while Yun Bixue became the heir to the Yun family. This naked truth was indeed a slap across their faces.

Throughout the day, Father Su sighed continuously. His sorrows had turned all his hair white.

As for Meng Xinyan, she was unaware of this latest scandal as she avoided reading the news lately. After waking up at noon and seeing that lunch was not yet ready, she began yelling, “It’s already so late! Don’t you all know that lunch should be on the table by now? What do you get paid for?”

At that time, Father Su was sitting on the couch. Seeing that his daughter-in-law was still throwing her weight around, he raised his voice, “If you still want to stay in this home, you better stay humble and quiet, or else I will throw you out. ” What had happened to his Su family? Why had they allowed someone like this to enter the family?

Meng Xinyan stared at Father Su in disbelief. “Father, were you talking to me?” In the past, Father Su had always remained calm. No matter what she said or what she did, he had never criticized and scolded her. What happened to him today?

“You clearly heard me. If you don’t want to stay at home, then go back to your Meng family. If it weren’t for you, our Su family wouldn’t end up in this situation.”

“Father, what do you mean? Don’t forget that I’m pregnant with the Su family’s child. If you dare to treat me like this, I’ll take the child to the Meng family and have him take the surname ‘Meng.’ Don’t your Su family dare to beg my Meng family for help.”

Every time Meng Xinyan opened her mouth, she never failed to mention the Meng family, and it drove Father Su absolutely mad. “You’ve stayed at my house for so long and yet you still don’t regard this place as home. You keep mentioning the Meng family. Go back and don’t ever step foot in this house again if you have the guts. You’re not a loss to my Su family.” After saying this, Father Su stormed out of the house.

Meng Xinyan was stupefied and remained rooted on the spot. Glancing around at the servants, she said harshly, “What are you looking at? If you stare any longer, I’ll fire all of you.”

As soon as Meng Xinyan returned to her room, several servants began to spill their displeasure. “She really thinks she’s some great princess? Who does she think she is? She’s bossing us around every day.”

“She used to be Miss Meng in the past, but now, she’s just a nobody. I don’t even know why our Young Master likes someone like her. Even I dislike her.”

“She has a mistress for a mother. What redeeming qualities does she have? She made the mood at the Su family gloomy all day long.”

“Ever since she came here, I’ve lost count of the times Madam had been admitted into the hospital.”

“Young Master doesn’t even want to come home for a meal. She still thinks of herself as a gem.”

“Maybe she still hasn’t read today’s news. I think that she’s also a bastard, but she still treats herself as part of the Meng family. How ridiculous.”

At that very moment, Meng Xinyan opened the door and came out wearing a dark expression on her face. “What did you just say? Say it again!”