Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Seeing Beyond Meng Xinyan's Facade

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The servants immediately shut their mouths and walked away from her with bowed heads. Since Meng Xinyan was the daughter-in-law of their employers, in addition to her being pregnant, they didn’t dare to go against her. They understood that she was their master and they were just servants—they shouldn’t cause problems and annoy their master.

Moreover, they still wanted to work for the Su family, so they definitely wouldn’t repeat the words they had just said.

Meng Xinyan’s blood was boiling as she pointed her finger at them. “You all dared to slack off and gossip about me! You think I can’t fire all of you right now?”

At that moment, Su Lenghan came in and heard everything. “Meng Xinyan! Can’t you just stop it?” His face paled as he raged at her.

Meng Xinyan boldly answered back, “Lenghan, it’s fine if you don’t stand up for me after hearing what they said, but it’s wrong of you to say that.”

Su Lenghan slammed the newspapers on the table and said, “See for yourself.”

“What is it? What happened?” Meng Xinyan asked curiously while going down the stairs to pick up the newspapers.

When she finally found out about the news involving the Meng family, the blood drained from her face. “That’s impossible. How could this be possible? No, this isn’t true. They’re just making it up. Someone must have framed me. What kind of newspaper is this? I’ll sue this media agency for slandering me! I swear I’ll bring them down!”

Su Lenghan didn’t reply, nor even bother to acknowledge Meng Xinyan’s words. He said bitterly, “Open your eyes and take a good look. This is your Meng family. Now, are you still proud of being the daughter of the Meng family? Why are you still throwing your weight around? My parents have been bending over backwards to make sure that you’re comfortable, and you don’t even care. Did you know that my mother has been sent to the hospital again because of you? But what about you? You didn’t even visit her once. You only care about yourself. Can you stop being so selfish? Huh?”

This was the first time Su Lenghan questioned Meng Xinyan in dismay and bewilderment. He really didn’t know how else he could face Meng Xinyan as he couldn’t come up with any more ideas. After Meng Xinyan’s seemingly endless fussing, he had already lost all his feelings towards her.

He could tolerate her shabby treatment of him, but he couldn’t accept her treatment of his parents. They have been stressed out because of Meng Xinyan, and she was still not filial and respectful to them. Furthermore, he felt sorry for his mother. She was lying weakly on the hospital bed right now, and it made his heart feel so miserable.

“Su Lenghan, why are you talking to me this way? You were the one who kept chasing after me in the first place, and you always had your eyes set on my Meng family’s assets. Is it because you realized that I have no value left?” While she was saying this, Meng Xinyan stuck out her stomach, deliberately showing it to Su Lenghan as though she was telling him that this entitled her to some privileges.

Looking at Meng Xinyan’s swollen stomach, Su Lenghan tightly knitted his brows. “You better watch out in the future!” After speaking, he went upstairs to get his things. Once he had done that, he got ready to leave the house.

“Su Lenghan, where are you going?”

Su Lenghan paused in his steps. Without turning back, he answered, “I’m going to the hospital. Are you forbidding me from visiting my mother? Your mother-in-law is ill. Is this how you behave as a daughter-in-law?”

“I’m pregnant. All of you have to stay here and take care of me. Since she’s in the hospital, she has doctors and nurses to look after her.”

Su Lenghan was utterly disappointed with Meng Xinyan. With a mocking scoff, he said, “Meng Xinyan, I’ve truly seen past your facade today. I’ve had enough.” As he spoke, he walked out of the front door, desperate to leave this place that was draining him.

“Su Lenghan, Su Lenghan! Stay there—” Meng Xinyan supported her stomach in her arms and chased after him. A few servants saw this, and they were gravely afraid that she would trip and fall, so they hurriedly held her.

Deep down, Meng Xinyan was flustered and anxious. The Meng family was in such a tough spot now. If it were true, and if the Su family were to continue their bad treatment of her, she didn’t know what to do. Even though she was pregnant, she couldn’t guarantee that the child was a boy. Because of this, she was undeniably scared of her future.