Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 434

Chapter 434 It's The Thought That's The Most Precious

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No matter how loudly Meng Xinyan wailed, Su Lenghan didn’t stop walking. In the end, Meng Xinyan’s fury couldn’t be contained, and she began throwing things around. She flung everything that she could grab, making a mess of the living room.

The servants never imagined that Meng Xinyan could exert so much force while being heavily pregnant. Her tantrum made them anxious as they watched her.

The more Meng Xinyan thought about it, the more uneasy and frightened she felt. Li Wenhui had popped up some time back, threatening her as a potential mistress. Back then, Meng Xinyan had relied on her Meng family as her backers, that was why she dared to do anything that she wanted. She even hired someone to sabotage Li Wenhui secretly. However, what if a second or even a third mistress appeared?

No way. There’s no way this could happen . Meng Xinyan shook her head until her hair became a mess. She looked like a lunatic.

After recalling what Su Lenghan had just said—Mother Su had been admitted into the hospital—she decided to go there to visit Mother Su.

However, as soon as Meng Xinyan walked out of the Su family’s house, she was ambushed by a group of reporters.

“Miss Meng, your younger brother isn’t Master Meng’s biological son. Are you not the biological daughter of the Meng family too? Have you known the truth all along?”

“Miss Meng, the reports have been proven to be authentic. What do you have to say about this? Does the marriage alliance between the Su and Meng families only exist in name now?”

“Miss Meng, you came out alone today. Does the Su family not care about you? Or has the Su family stopped favoring you? Are the rumors true? Does the Su family not want to see you?”

Meng Xinyan yelled at them, “I am the daughter-in-law of the Su family now. I am not the second daughter of the Meng family!”

Meanwhile, in a hidden spot nearby, Su Lengxian watched Meng Xinyan, her eyes burning with fury. It was Meng Xinyan who landed her in this state. If it weren’t for her sister-in-law, she would still be the most pampered daughter of the Su family. Meng Xinyan was clearly not a biological daughter, but she used the Meng family to get close to the Su family. She’s truly shameless.

Su Lenghan drove aimlessly. He didn’t have any place he wanted to go―he just wanted to feel the cold breeze. He sped down the streets and enjoyed the gentle and cooling winds blowing against him amidst the heat. This seemed to be the only way to clear his head.

Unknowingly, he arrived at the entrance of the Yun family. Looking at the familiar yet foreign gates, he was rather dazed. He just stared blankly at the gates, and he couldn’t help feeling that although things had remained the same, the people involved were no longer around. It felt like a long time had passed. He didn’t know that so many ivy vines would twine around the gates here in spring. The greenery looked elegant and lush.

Now, this place was cold and empty, and a lot of things were missing. On top of that, he no longer shared the same relationship with Yun Bixue. Their youths had passed, and the time they spent together had long left them.

At this moment, a lot of scenes from the past floated into his mind. In a stunned state, he remembered that he had walked past this tree a long, long time ago. He had met this young lady with bright eyes, her two braids bouncing as she walked. She was extremely adorable.

His heart skipped a beat. Had he met Yun Bixue when he was a child? Why had he forgotten all about it?

His only memories of her were those after they had grown up, staying together because of the marriage arranged by their respective families. Frankly speaking, he didn’t treat Yun Bixue very well back then. He was always indifferent towards her.

Despite his cold attitude, Yun Bixue treated him very kindly. He remembered that she would always bring delicious food from home for him. In the past, he didn’t cherish her and simply thought that her actions and manners were common among women. He felt that things bought outside were far better than what she had brought. Thinking back now, he realized that the quality didn’t matter. Instead, the thought behind it was the most precious.

One of the most valuable things in this world was sincerity. Money could never buy it.