Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 437

Chapter 437 Intimate Passion

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Yun Bixue raised her head and gazed at Xie Limo. His eyes were full of indulgence as they enticed her, making her feel at ease while being carried by him. Even after being together for such a long time, she would still feel overwhelmed by him, and her heart would pound continuously.

Xie Limo gently tossed her on the bed, and she bounced a couple of times. She was about to react when he pressed his body against her, interrupting what she was about to say. With a smoldering gaze, he showered kisses all over her, and she could only watch helplessly as she surrendered herself to him.

Starting from Yun Bixue’s brows, Xie Limo trailed his hands downwards, making her tremble from his feverish touch.

She could only shut her eyes and clutch at his clothes. Her eyelashes fluttered gently while her entire body shivered. Xie Limo was more familiar with her body than she was, and he clearly knew which parts were sensitive.

The dark glow in Xie Limo’s eyes became even more intense. He lowered his head and lightly nibbled Yun Bixue’s ears. She shuddered and wanted to escape from him, but his arms firmly secured her in place. She couldn’t move at all.

A moan escaped from Yun Bixue’s mouth as Xie Limo sucked and nibbled on her ears. Indescribable sensations engulfed her body and spread outward, making her crave for more.

He whispered seductively in Yun Bixue’s ears. “My dear, just relax. Trust me.”

Looking at the flushed color on Yun Bixue’s ears and face, Xie Limo’s heart stirred. His right hand held Yun Bixue’s hand as their fingers intertwined. He passed his warmth and strength to her.

“Ohh, Limo…”

“I’m here. I’m always here,” Xie Limo whispered as he brushed his lips against hers.

This time, Xie Limo was as gentle as flowing water. He spared no effort to please her, and it made Yun Bixue lose control. She pressed against his body and took the initiative to kiss him.

A surge of emotions rushed through Xie Limo’s heart as he embraced Yun Bixue possessively. He knew that she wasn’t used to him being so gentle, but he wanted her to experience something new.

When Xie Limo thought about the women who had tried to seduce him, he couldn’t help feeling disgusted. However, when it came to his wife, she could intoxicate him so much that he wanted to let go of his control and give in to his desire. She didn’t even need to do anything—a single stare would be enough to unravel him.

Her skin was pale, smooth, and glowing. He couldn’t help but caress and run his palms all over her body in admiration.

During their passionate moment, the sounds of the rain and wind outside accompanied them as desire and pleasure flowed endlessly inside the room. Xie Limo caught and held Yun Bixue’s darkened gaze, and she couldn’t help but let out seductive moans as he gave her a euphoric sensation.

After a night of intense passion, Yun Bixue fell immediately into a deep slumber. Xie Limo stood up and carried her to the bathroom to clean up, and gently placed her on the bed afterwards. Out of habit, Yun Bixue turned around and leaned in Xie Limo’s embrace. She was like a little kitten as she settled into a comfortable position and continued sleeping.

Xie Limo chuckled resignedly. He laid on the bed while hugging her. After making sure that she was sleeping soundly, he gently removed his arms and covered her with the blanket. It was still raining outside, and the weather had turned chilly.

When Xie Limo stepped out of the bedroom, he turned back and looked at Yun Bixue again. A gentle glint could be seen in his cold eyes as he stared fixedly at her. His wife was the person that made him want to remain strong.

After he had his fill of her sleeping figure, he went to the study and switched on the computer. He looked through the information that Xie Liu had sent over and also examined carefully the information he had obtained from Country E, with the intent to locate the next heir of the Wang family, Wang Qianjin.

Once he had looked through everything, he rested his head against his hand. He was deep in thought as he considered the details carefully. Wang Qianjin had come to Country E and then left to go to the North. Why did he take this route?