Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Heart Becomes Empty

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An Yexuan had no idea why Yun Bixue and Chu Fei’er popped up in his mind. Shrouded in gloom, his heart now was empty, and his entire body slumped and seemed drained of energy.

Recently, he had been busy with his investigation. He felt that Chu Fei’er was still alive, but he couldn’t find any trail or information about her. The matter was so strange that he couldn’t help but remember his university days. He thought about the littlest things, and most of all, he thought about Yun Bixue.

Back then, he had a crush on her. She made his heart feel refreshed and energetic, and he always looked forward to the next day. Whenever he can, he took her around the campus with his bike to try various treats.

That time, his spirits would be lifted as long as he saw her radiant smile. However, both of them never talked about dating even though he had already treated her like his girlfriend. They never announced nor confirmed anything, and this made others question their relationship.

He thought that what they had that time would last forever, but who would’ve thought that he would end up with Chu Fei’er? The things that he promised to do with Yun Bixue all ended up as things he did with Chu Fei’er.

Going to the theme park was one of them. He recalled Chu Fei’er’s shy yet captivating expression. It was hard to explain how they fell in love with each other, but they were together for a long time. His university days were lively and full of color because of her company. It was only when he lost Chu Fei’er to a fire that all of it turned into hatred, targeting Yun Bixue since the evidence back then pointed towards her.

He did not believe her. Blinded by his own sorrow and fury, he failed to see the hurt in her eyes.

When Miao Zifu admitted that Yun Bixue was innocent and was not involved in it, he felt empty inside. Without Chu Fei’er, he had hatred to sustain himself, but when that hatred was revealed to be a misunderstanding, he was left with nothing to support himself.

Despite turning into a cold and serious person, it did not affect his popularity. Most of the women who walked past him couldn’t resist the temptation to turn around and take a second look. Some even wanted to strike up a conversation, but when they saw the coldness in his eyes, they all backed off.

Looking at the couples who were spending their time together in the theme park, he was caught in a trance as his thoughts took him back to those sweet times. Indeed, he once had them, but they had all slipped away from him.

Whenever he was with Chu Fei’er, she would frequently mention Yun Bixue, which led him to think that Yun Bixue was a scheming person. Now, regret filled his heart. He was wrong, and he was misled right from the start.

He heard that Yun Bixue still visited Miao Zifu to take care of her. If someone could forgive a person who once tried to harm them, that person must be of a decent character. Perhaps he could pay a visit to Miao Zifu one of these days.

“Young Master, you’ve stayed in Ning An City for a long time. The family business needs your help,” said one of his subordinates.

An Yexuan looked up at the blue sky and sighed inwardly. He was no longer a university student without any troubles. He got his own set of responsibilities now. After letting himself loose for so long, it was time for him to go back to bear those responsibilities.

“I will go to Zi Bei City first after I settle things here in Ning An City. After that, I will return to the imperial capital.” From the information he received, Chu Fei’er once visited Forest Green in Zi Bei City before the fire, so he wanted to check it out as well.


At that moment, Yun Bixue was being piggy-backed by Xie Limo. He couldn’t help nagging at her as he walked. “Look at you. You’re always ignoring your health. Always making me worry by saying you’re okay when you’re really not.”