Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 444

Chapter 444 The Warmest Home

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Yun Bixue remained in Xie Limo’s embrace for a long while before breaking away from him. She said, “I probably thought too much. Yes, everything’s okay. It’s just a dream.”

Xie Limo placed his hand on Yun Bixue’s forehead. “The fever has subsided. You should be alright now. Are you still feeling unwell?”

Yun Bixue shook her head, “I feel a lot better now. It’s just that I still feel sluggish.” These dreams came out of nowhere. Logically speaking, she shouldn’t have dreamed about them. Perhaps this was because of the stress she faced a while ago while searching for information about Chu Fei’er.

“It will be fine tomorrow after you had a good sleep.” As Xie Limo said this, he touched Yun Bixue’s clothes and noticed that it was soaked in sweat.

He called Xie Shiyi at once and asked her to send some clothes over. After all, the things they had brought at the start of the trip were all packed in Xie Shiyi’s box.

After Xie Shiyi delivered the clothes, Xie Limo helped Yun Bixue get changed. He also replaced the beddings with fresh ones. Once he finished changing the beddings, he carried her and placed her on the bed. Patting her back, he said, “Go ahead and sleep.”

Yun Bixue laid there, but she wasn’t sleepy. With eyes wide open, she thought for a moment before saying, “Limo, can we cut this trip short and go home?”

“What’s wrong? Don’t want to play anymore?”

Yun Bixue snuggled closer to him and clutched at his pajamas. “Yes, I miss home.”

“Okay. If you miss home, then I’ll bring you back.”

“Let’s visit my younger sister tomorrow first. Is that alright with you?”

Looking at Yun Bixue’s vulnerable expression, Xie Limo’s brows furrowed as he hugged her waist. He never knew that women were so small and fragile—he could carry them with just a single grab. He said lovingly, “Okay, whatever you say. You got thinner. Let’s go home so you can recover right away.”

“I think I’ll get better once we get home.” She still couldn’t get the hang of Country E’s rainy season. Being cooped up inside the suite was boring, but she overdid it when she went out to play.

The following day, after Yun Bixue had recovered, they went to Noel Harlem University to visit Yun Bilu.

They brought her lots of delicious treats and stayed together until afternoon. Right before leaving, Yun Bixue said uncertainly to Yun Bilu, “Bilu, if anything happens between you and Huang Yize, you have to tell me, okay?”

At that time, Yun Bilu didn’t understand the weight of her elder sister’s words—she just thought that she was worried. She hugged her elder sister enthusiastically and replied, “Elder Sister, didn’t you say that Brother-in-law was very powerful and he can help me?”

Yun Bixue pursed her lips. She thought about it for a moment and said, “If you want to know Huang Yize’s background, your brother-in-law can look into it.”

Yun Bilu shook her head. “Elder Sister, he doesn’t want me to know, so I won’t attempt to find out. If he wants to tell me about it, he will tell me.”

“You’re quite optimistic.”

“That’s because I’m not greedy, Elder Sister. He ignored me before, but now, he says goodbye and things like he will protect me. His words are even gentle now. It’s already a big improvement, y’know? Elder Sister, just enjoy your life with Brother-in-law so your younger sister’s heart would be at ease.”

Hearing Yun Bilu’s words, Xie Limo draped his arm around Yun Bixue’s shoulders and pulled her closer. He said lovingly, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your elder sister.”

Later, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue took a plane back to Ning An City. When they arrived home, it was early in the morning, and the sky was still dark.

Yun Bixue took a shower before sleeping. There’s nothing like your own home and own bed where it was the most comfortable. Indeed, there’s no place like home.

Xie Limo washed up as well and saw Yun Bixue’s beaming face. He caressed her face and said, “You’re in a good mood.”

“Yes, after getting used to this home, everywhere else feels uncomfortable. It’s okay for a short period, but if we stay any longer, it feels a bit strange.” She didn’t realize that from her words, she had already considered this place to be her warmest home.