Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Trouble At Su Family

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Meng Xinyan insisted on staying. Even though Su Lenghan said that he was only trying to let her stay in another villa, she would never agree. She felt more and more panicky and hoped that the baby in her tummy would be a boy. If it turned out to be a son, her place would be completely secured.

“Su Lenghan, don’t even think about it. Now that you have a mistress, you want to throw me away?”

Su Lenghan’s head seemed to throb endlessly. His face turned pale as he stared at Meng Xinyan. He had already started regretting, but regrets wouldn’t bring him back to the past. This was his choice, and he could only swallow this bitter pill no matter how difficult it was.

However, despite his best effort, it was still useless.

“Meng Xinyan, don’t you want to spend your life peacefully? What mistress? Don’t let your imagination run wild.”

“Su Lenghan, you dare to say that you don’t have a mistress? Then who’s that b*tch Li Wenhui? If I didn’t get someone to settle her, she would still be here clinging on to you. It’s you who have changed. It’s you who doesn’t want to live life peacefully. You want me to give up my spot for that mistress. In your dreams!”

Su Lenghan saw Meng Xinyan’s twisted expression and said coldly, “Meng Xinyan, you’re born from a noble family. Is ‘b*tch’ a word you should throw around so carelessly?”

“A mistress is a b*tch. If not a b*tch, how else do you want me to describe it?”

Su Lenghan raised his hand angrily, wanting to finish this argument with a slap.

“If you want to hit me, then go ahead! I’ll tell it to the reporters. Let’s see if you dare. I’m not scared of embarrassing myself. It’s the Su family who cannot afford to lose their face!”

Su Lenghan glared hard at Meng Xinyan. He had never thought that she was so hideous. He was blinded by her looks, but now, he understood that a woman’s beauty came from within.

He closed his eyes and sighed. “Meng Xinyan, take a look in the mirror and look at how you are acting right now. I can’t recognize you anymore. Maybe you won’t recognize yourself too.” In the end, he couldn’t bring himself to slap her. His heart became numb instead.

Su Lenghan turned around and walked out. He had a lot of good memories with Meng Xinyan, but because of these fights, those memories were starting to blur. He even questioned his own choice of choosing her.

Did she really scheme to get here?

Su Lenghan washed his face in the bathroom and splashed water on it over and over again, hoping that it would cool him down.

At Su Family Organization, their stock prices took a nosedive. People no longer looked at the organization favorably and started selling their stocks away. In addition to that, some employees in the internal operations wanted to resign.

Su Lenghan looked at the financial statement in his hands and saw that the organization had some problems with cash flow. He rubbed his forehead helplessly and called the Meng family, but he was rejected. Even if Su Lenghan insisted on treating Master Meng to dinner, the latter still refused.

Later, Su Lenghan dialed another number.

“Young Master Su, our company is in a difficult situation at the moment. Even if we’d like to help, our hands are tied.”

“Ah, is this Young Master Su? Oh, is that the case? Recently, the funds of my family business have been transferred to some investments, so we don’t have any available money right now.”

After several phone calls, Su Lenghan was weary. He had never felt so helpless. There used to be many companies and people who would suck up to them, but with the Su Family Organization’s current situation, everyone kept their distance. He didn’t know anyone who would be willing to help him.