Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Suspecting Chu Feier

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Seeing Yun Bixue’s pale face, Wang Man asked, “Elder Sister Yun, what’s wrong? Is there something weird about this?”

Yun Bixue grabbed Wang Man’s hand and said, “Wang Man, you’ve helped me a lot. Did Li Xu say anything else?”

“He said that he couldn’t tell her age from her voice. She’s very discreet, and Xu Miaodan follows her every word.” Wang Man was a little confused, but from the way Yun Bixue was acting, she had a hunch that this must be important.

Yun Bixue paced to and fro, saying suspiciously, “If the age is unrecognizable from the voice, they probably used a voice changer.” After much thought, she started drawing on a piece of paper on her desk.

The Xu family was backed by the Jiang family, which was based in Tian Jing City. An Yexuan and the Yuan family were also from Tian Jing City. They all appeared to be unrelated to each other, but they might be connected. If Chu Fei’er had ties with Miss Wu, it would be possible for her to be connected to the Jiang family, which then controlled the Xu family. No wonder Xu Miaodan was following this mysterious woman’s orders.

What she had just thought was not impossible. Even if it wasn’t Chu Fei’er, this was still a shred of evidence.

The corners of Yun Bixue’s lips curled up into a vague smile. “Wang Man, you’re the best. You’ve done well.”

This compliment from Yun Bixue made Wang Man happy. “Elder Sister Yun, Li Xu is trying to make up for his mistakes by telling me things about Xu Miaodan. I was so sure that what I just told you would be useful for you.”

“Wang Man, don’t compromise yourself for me. Stay happy with Duan Qiushu.”

“Elder Sister Yun, don’t worry. Li Xu is aware that I’ll never get back together with him. Besides, I’m meeting Duan Qiushu’s parents next week.”

A brilliant light shone in Yun Bixue’s eyes. “Really? That’s great to hear!”

“Yes, it is!” Wang Man had been feeling very happy recently. Everything seemed to be the best it could be, so she believed that as long as people stayed true to their roots and worked hard, the days would turn out for the better.

After Wang Man left Yun Bixue’s office, the latter picked up her cell phone to make a call to Yun Dong, but she saw a text notification on her lock screen. She swiped it open and saw that it was from Su Lenghan.

Once she had read his message, she remained silent for a long while and did not reply immediately.

She knew that Su Lenghan would never send her such a message unless Su Family Organization was in a dire situation. She had trust in Su Lenghan’s capabilities, but marrying Meng Xinyan brought him too many repercussions.

A moment later, he called Zhou Zinan over and asked about the situation at Su Family Organization.

“Elder Sister Yun, Su Family Organization’s prospects are actually optimistic. Young Master Su is trying to expand the organization, but because it’s a business that appears on the market, the recent scandals involving the Su family have left a negative impression on the public, that’s why they assumed that the business is not viable. They sold their stocks away, which caused the current stock price to drop. The situation is bad at the moment. Su Family Organization keeps dropping in value, and the primary cause of it was actually just public opinion.”

“What can be done to save it?”

“If a few hundred million dollars were invested, their stock prices would go up again, and their funds would be maintained. But first, the Su family must not be involved in any negative news moving forward.”

Yun Bixue nodded. “Okay, I somewhat understand. If I leave this to you, will you be able to do it?”

“Elder Sister Yun, don’t worry. If I handle it myself, there will be no problems.”

When Yun Bixue saw Zhou Zinan’s beaming face, she couldn’t help but think of his dramatic transformation from a shy person into a confident and more cheerful one. “Are you happy that Miao Zifu is about to come out of jail?”

“Yes, I’m always looking forward to it and counting the days. I’ll see her soon.”

Yun Bixue smiled at the cute boy and said, “When your elder sister comes out, let’s go and pick her up. We’ll give her a warm welcome.” Although she was only in her twenties, she had experienced a lot of things in the past, and it couldn’t be helped that she had regrets.