Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Chasing Her Away

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This time, Mother Su truly regretted her actions. She didn’t even care about her image anymore. Bawling pitifully, she pulled her son closer, convincing him to abandon Meng Xinyan.

Su Lenghan looked at his mother’s aged appearance and felt miserable deep down. However, with the Su family’s current circumstances, they couldn’t afford to cause any more trouble. Even if he were to abandon Meng Xinyan, he wouldn’t feel comfortable shirking off his responsibility. On top of that, he had wronged Yun Bixue in the past. He couldn’t leave Meng Xinyan in the lurch just because she was no longer the daughter of the Meng family. What would the people of Ning An City think of him?

They would crush the Su family with their criticisms. They would think they were ungrateful, greedy, and only thought of their own interests.

They wouldn’t be able to withstand such blows, that was why he still had to live with Meng Xinyan despite how painful and exhausting it was.

Su Lenghan supported Mother Su as he laid her down gently. “Mother, calm down. You just woke up. Don’t overthink, alright?”

Mother Su peeled off the hospital’s blanket and grabbed Su Lenghan’s hands tightly. “Lenghan, you’re my son. How can I not understand you? Don’t let yourself suffer. Our Su family isn’t afraid of what everyone else thinks. We’re not afraid of anything. As long as you’re living a happy life, let the naysayers talk. Look at how thin and tired you are now. My heart aches for you.”

Su Lenghan endured the stinging sensation in his eyes and soothed her. “Mother, rest well. When you wake up, everything will be fine.”

“Lenghan, don’t lie to me. No household would ever accept Meng Xinyan and her mother. I got your back, so chase her away. Our Su family cannot afford to have someone like her. She’s the reason why our Su family became like this. Chase her away, throw her out of the family—”

“Mother, don’t forget that we still have the Su family’s business.” Since a long time ago, only a handful of men from royal families managed to marry the woman they loved. He would simply pretend that he had never experienced love.

Suddenly, a crash came from the door as though something had dropped on the floor. The sound was followed by a familiar voice.

“Mother, I’ve been so filial to you. I came to give you some chicken soup despite being heavily pregnant, yet you’re telling Su Lenghan to treat me that way? I’ll make sure everyone will hear about this!”

Su Lenghan was enraged. He said furiously, “Meng Xinyan, stop it. This is the hospital. You can behave in any way you like at home, but not in a public place.”

“Lenghan, don’t bother with her anymore. How could someone like her be our daughter-in-law? Our Su family can’t afford to keep her. Lenghan, don’t worry. You’re so outstanding, and there’s plenty of women out there. Mother will find a virtuous woman for you.”

Meng Xinyan covered her stomach with one hand while pointing her finger at Mother Su. With a trembling hand, she said viciously, “You old witch, you old monster! I’ll give birth to a son for the Su family, but you’re saying such things to me.”

“You’re not the only one who can give birth. Other women can give our Su family a son.” She had long had enough of Meng Xinyan. For the sake of the Su family and her son, she endured it over and over. Now, the proverbial camel’s back had been broken, and she couldn’t contain it anymore—she was on the brink of exploding.

Meng Xinyan laughed haughtily. “You still think that your Su family has its former glory? The Su Family Organization is facing a financial shortage and is about to go bankrupt. Let’s see if there’s a woman who will still want him!”

Su Lenghan’s face paled, and his head throbbed. After requesting the doctor to give his mother a sedative, he instructed his subordinates to take Meng Xinyan back home.

After a while, he stepped out of the hospital and walked aimlessly.

Meng Xinyan’s words spread across the entire Ning An City like wildfire. In an instant, everyone frantically sold their shares. The Su Family Organization’s stocks couldn’t fall anymore—they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Su Lenghan looked at the urgent message that his secretary, Zhao Wei, had sent—it was a call for help. He didn’t know how things had landed in this state. Lifting his head, he closed his eyes, allowing the merciless rays of the sun to shine on him. When he opened his eyes, his vision gradually blacked out, and he collapsed on the ground as his consciousness faded away.