Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 453

Chapter 453 He Wishes To Become An Ordinary Person

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Su Lenghan’s unconscious body was seen by a doctor who was passing by, and he was immediately sent to the emergency room. When he woke up, he was already in a hospital room, and a doctor was setting up an IV drip for him.

The doctor heaved a sigh of relief. “You’re finally awake. Your stomach’s unwell and your body has malnutrition from overworking. If you continue to work beyond your limits and neglect your health, you will compromise your body’s immune system and will fall sick easily. You already have strands of white hair.” The doctor was also a man with a family, so he sympathized a lot with Su Lenghan. Thinking about his virtuous wife at home, he felt blessed.

Naturally, Su Lenghan noticed the pity in the doctor’s eyes. He laughed self-deprecatingly and asked, “Do you find me pathetic?” He knew that this was all his own doing.

The doctor quickly shook his head. He was only a chief physician and couldn’t afford to offend the noble families. After all, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse, so he did not dare to offend Young Master Su.

“It’s okay. Feel free to say what’s on your mind.”

The doctor coughed. “Young Master Su, frankly speaking, I used to be envious of you because you’re a young master from a noble family, but now that I think about it, we commoners have our perks as well. My wife is virtuous and understanding, and she’s filial towards my parents. Whenever I return home from work, I get to eat a warm meal, and she always asks me about my day and if I’m tired. I didn’t think much about it, but when I look at Young Master Su, I started appreciating my wife more.”

Su Lenghan’s expression changed. He wished to become an ordinary person and experience a quiet and peaceful life, but there was no turning back now. From the day he abandoned Yun Bixue, he lost any choice he had.

After a while, Su Lenghan sighed. “Cherish your wife. Don’t be like me, regretting it only after I’ve lost her.”

The doctor initially thought that Su Lenghan would get angry, so he was a little overwhelmed when he received an earnest reply. He said, “Young Master Su, you have to take good care of yourself too. You will eventually live your life on your own terms.”

Su Lenghan didn’t reply. He looked at the sky outside the window and sat up abruptly before asking, “What time is it?”

“It’s past four in the afternoon.”

Su Lenghan’s expression changed as he thought about his meeting with Yun Bixue later. He got off the bed at once and headed towards the door.

“Young Master Su, you shouldn’t move. The IV drip is still attached!”

Gritting his teeth, Su Lenghan tugged the IV catheter out of his hand and ran out. No matter what the doctor said behind him, he ignored it and continued running.

After Su Lenghan left the hospital building, he rushed towards his car at the parking lot and drove off. When he reached home, he brushed himself up so he wouldn’t look frail. Remembering the doctor’s words about his strands of white hair, he looked carefully in the mirror and plucked them out.

Su Lenghan had never fixed himself up this seriously—he thought of every detail. He did not prepare so meticulously even when he first chased after Meng Xinyan. Facing the mirror, he made sure that he was flawless.

When he was finally satisfied with his appearance, he grabbed his bag and left for the coffee shop.

At the coffee shop, Yun Bixue was already waiting for Su Lenghan. With a cup of coffee in her hand, she stared calmly at the scenery outside without any signs of anxiety. This was the place where she used to meet Su Lenghan. During those times, she was also the one waiting for him. If it was a long wait, she would feel anxious, but once Su Lenghan arrived, she would just smile and understand him, never questioning why he was late.

Now that her feelings had changed, it no longer bothered her that he was late.