Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Diamond Ring

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When Yun Bixue entered the jewelry shop, the saleslady at the front desk came up to greet her warmly, “Welcome to Star’s Fate Jewelry!”

Yun Bixue nodded her head towards the two salespeople.

“Miss, may I know what you’re looking for?”

“Don’t worry. I’m just looking around.” Looking at the displays full of diamond rings, something stirred within Yun Bixue’s heart.

Generally speaking, which girl did not like diamond rings? It signified a beautiful relationship, and Star’s Fate Jewelry was a good store that had branches all over the country with jewelry designed by famous designers.

“Miss, you have a good taste. The ring you’re looking at is our latest design called ‘Love of the Star’s Fate.’ It’s a specially released design by our owner, and there’s only a few of them. Once it’s sold out, there won’t be any more left.”

Yun Bixue liked the simple yet elegant design and was moved by the ring. She pointed at it and said, “I’d like to take a closer look at it.”

The saleslady took out the ring, and Yun Bixue smiled as she looked at it. If Xie Limo held a wedding ceremony for the both of them, would he buy a diamond ring that she liked?

“Miss, how is it? Do you like it? The price is very reasonable.”

“How much is it?”

“It costs nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars to signify longevity.”

After hearing the price, Yun Bixue’s smile faltered, and she placed the ring down. Although the price was nothing to her, spending so much on a ring was too expensive. It could be their living expenses for a long time.

Once the saleslady saw the change on Yun Bixue’s face, she thought that she couldn’t afford it. “Miss, if you don’t want to buy it, you can’t try it on.” As she said this, she reached for the ring and was about to put it back in the display cabinet.

At that moment, a woman dressed in black walked down from the elevator. She glanced at Yun Bixue and smiled secretively before saying to the saleslady, “What’s wrong with you? You’re new here, right? That’s why you don’t recognize Miss Yun of Ning An City, the wife of Young Master Xie. You even thought she can’t afford it.”

“Miss Yun, I’m sorry.”

“You’re working here yet you don’t recognize famous people. If you offended Miss Yun, you can pack your things and leave.”

Yun Bixue stared at the woman in black. She seemed to be around twenty years old and carried herself with an air of arrogant superiority. Who was this person? She had never seen her before, so why was it that her words were all slyly targeting her?

“If you’re the owner of this place, then there’s no need to be so harsh. It’s true that I don’t intend to buy it yet, so you don’t have to blame her.”

“Miss Yun is so kind, but Miss Yun is together with Young Master Xie, right? So why haven’t the both of you bought rings? That’s not right. At Star’s Fate, we’ve seen many couples who have bought rings even before their marriage. Diamond rings are a symbol of love, a promise of life. Could it be that Miss Yun’s relationship is not one of those?”

The lady in black feigned confusion with her cunning words. Something tightened in Yun Bixue’s heart, making her uncomfortable as she smiled. “You misunderstood. Love is not based solely on material things and rings, isn’t it?” Although she felt uncomfortable, she didn’t want others to notice.

Furthermore, Xie Limo treated her well, so she was contented with what she had. She wouldn’t demand the ring from him since feelings were more important than material things.

The woman in black raised her eyebrows and eyed Yun Bixue. She pretended to be nonchalant as she said, “Actually, thoughtful men will always give rings to their wives. Perhaps it’s because we bystanders don’t know as much so Miss Yun might be laughing at us. Xiao Nan, Miss Yun doesn’t need the ring so you can put it back now. When Young Master Xie brings Miss Yun to pick a ring in the future, you must recognize her.”