Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Grandfather Suffers A Heart Attack

Meng Xinyan's feelings of agitation were soothed quite a bit by the caring sentence. She nodded her head.

She knew that Su Lenghan was a man who was very prudent. In spite of his soothing elegance, he didn't really enjoy acts of intimacy. From what she knew, in the two years that he and Yun Bixue spent dating, their interactions had been rather mundane. She didn't have any photos of them being very intimate either.

As for Yun Bixue, she fell into deep thought after hanging up on Su Lenghan. Perhaps she shouldn't cling to the warmth and sweetness that she enjoyed now. She always had the feeling that it was a bit surreal.

After knowing An Yexuan and Su Lenghan, she understood that the more beautiful the man, the more toxic they were. Such men can be extremely ruthless.

She turned around and looked at Xie Limo. Even in his lazy, relaxed state, he was oozing with boundless charm and beauty. He was so beautiful that it could bring tears to a person's eyes. However, could she really cling to such a man?

The Yun family of today stood on extremely shaky ground. Every action she took seemed to be filled with danger. She didn't want to drag Xie Limo into that either.

For a moment, Yun Bixue's expressions clouded over. It was like darkness shrouded in light, uncertain.

Xie Limo was obviously able to notice the change in Yun Bixue's emotions. He withdrew the shimmer in his eyes a little, and he helped Yun Bixue up from the floor. "The floor is cold. If you're tired, go to bed early."

Yun Bixue was a bit dazzled. The man in front of her had been so tempting and charming a second ago, but now he was full of chivalrous nobility. For a moment, she couldn't discern which one was the real Xie Limo.

"Aren't you going to bed?" Yun Bixue immediately regretted what he said. It could easily be misunderstood.

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue, who lowered her head shyly. He raised his slender eyebrows, and he seemed to be extremely pleased. He straightened Yun Bixue's hair ever so gently, saying, "I'll go to bed soon."

Eventually, Yun Bixue nodded her head and went to take a bath by herself. She then went to bed and fell asleep. After some time, she felt the mattress beside her sink slightly, accompanied by Xie Limo's faint fragrance. Yun Bixue opened her eyes a little.

Xie Limo turned and carefully straightened Yun Bixue's blankets for her. "Sleep."

Yun Bixue was finally at ease and fell into a deep slumber.

The next day, the media continued to investigate the incident with the Shen family, with plenty of news coverage. As for Yun Bixue, after having her breakfast, she left for the hospital with the Shen family's documents to visit her grandfather.

Upon entering the hospital ward that her grandfather was staying in, she felt that something was amiss. Yun Bixue opened the door and saw a different patient inside.

Her cheeks immediately whitened a little. Grabbing a doctor by the arm, she asked in a panic, "Doctor, where's the patient that was in this ward?"

"Isn't that him over there?" the doctor answered without looking up from the patient's case notes.

"No, I meant what happened to my grandfather? Did he move to another ward, or did something happen to him?" Halfway through the sentence, Yun Bixue's voice rose sharply, and she tightened her grip.

The doctored realized that something was wrong and looked up, and he found himself looking at Yun Bixue's face. He suddenly grew uneasy and his tone turned gentle and respectful. "Miss Yun, you don't have to worry. Old Master Yun has already made it past the critical stage. However, he's in the Intensive Care Unit now and may require further observation."

Yun Bixue drew closer and grabbed the doctor's coat with a death grip. Her eyes grew cold and menacing. "Say it again. What happened to my grandfather?"

When she'd been hospitalized, how could anything have happened to Grandfather? He only needed to rest peacefully, so how could he be in danger? The Intensive Care Unit...