Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Rainy Night Noble Family Alliance

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Xie Limo’s slender fingers tilted Yun Bixue’s chin up as he kissed her softly, “What’s wrong? Tell me.”

“Nothing’s wrong. I told you the other time that I wanted to expand the business to Zi Bei City. I just happen to be free after I came back, so I want to go there to promote the drama.” Of course, she couldn’t let Xie Limo know about what she was thinking. His EQ was too high, and she was scared that he would see through her.

Xie Limo’s expression shifted. He caressed Yun Bixue’s head lightly and said, “Sleep now. I’ll go to the study.”

Seeing Xie Limo leave the bedroom, Yun Bixue felt a little wronged. Was he angry? Was that why he didn’t want to stay and coax her anymore?

Yun Bixue tried to compose herself, but her eyes still reddened with unshed tears. She raised her head in an attempt to suppress her emotions and told herself that it was nothing. She was so strong in the past, so why had she become this weak? It was unacceptable.

To help her calm herself, she grabbed her phone on the nightstand and started planning her schedule for the next few days. She also reviewed the drama promotion plan. Whenever she was busy and focused on work, her thoughts were prevented from running wild.

Without realizing it, Yun Bixue fell asleep on her side with her cell phone still in her hands.

A rainy night was the perfect setting for planning everything. The few noble families in Ning An City started to plan in the shadows, and the reason for this secret meeting was because they had witnessed what happened within a single year—the Jia, Shen, Zheng, Du, and Meng families had all changed drastically.

Being in a noble family would be in vain if they couldn’t tell. All these began when Young Master Xie became Ning An City’s leader. Together with Yun Bixue, the two of them had toyed with all of them, pushing them into a corner.

“That’s why we have to work together this time, but we cannot be too rash. We have to proceed steadily, and we cannot inform the other families if we don’t want any leaks. We all know what would become of us if that happens.”

“We know. We have to win or die trying. Our century-old families cannot be destroyed.”

“A starving camel is still bigger than a horse. The remaining members of the Shen, Zheng, and Du families might not amount to anything, but they can still be used.”

“If it’s needed, whoever is wielding power in Tian Jing City can use them as well.”

“Everyone knows the reason why Young Master Xie came to Ning An City was to reshuffle the noble families. Since we are not under his control, he would naturally oppress us. Even if it looks peaceful right now, this state won’t remain for long.”

To ensure the secrecy of their discussion, and to prevent it from leaking out, the noble families signed a blood pact. This was an extremely strict pact from a long time ago. Even in the modern and present time, it still held a strong binding power. Once the blood pact was made, no one would dare to go against it.

Yun Bixue became more busy planning for Snow Cloud Group and handed most of it over to Yang Mei to manage.

Yun Dong wanted to follow Yun Bixue to Zi Bei City, but she was instructed by Yun Bixue to follow Xu Miaodan closely to gain her trust and to dig out information about the woman behind her.

Because Yun Bixue was too busy, she fell asleep right away after dinner. She stopped thinking about things regarding her relationship since she kept herself busy. On the other hand, Xie Limo was in deep thought while looking at her sleeping figure.

He sighed softly. “What should I do with you?”

The following day, Yun Bixue—together with Xie Shiyi, two men of sacrifice from the Yun family, and the drama crew—left for Zi Bei City. When they passed by a street corner, they saw a group of people beating up a woman.

Yun Bixue stared closely and then did a double take. Wasn’t that Chen Pei? It was hard to recognize her with her haggard appearance—she looked like a beggar now.