Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 463

Chapter 463 There Are No Ifs

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As Xie Limo listened to Su Lenghan, his eyes leaked an aura that was as mysterious as the moonlight while a corner of his mouth turned up in a deceiving smile. His slender fingers held the teacup as he sipped elegantly, preventing anyone from reading his emotions.

Seeing how Xie Limo was acting, Su Lenghan tightened his grip on his teacup. “Young Master Xie, you may not be interested in what I’m saying, but I want to say that Yun Bixue is pure and innocent. She’s so pure and silly that even if she were looking forward to the diamond ring, she would never mention it. Still, I hope that you will value her.”

Xie Limo gazed lightly at Su Lenghan and placed his teacup on the table. Emphasizing every word, he said seriously, “She is my wife. I will protect her. Su Lenghan, the person who you should be concerned about should be your wife. Not mine. On what grounds are you saying all these to me? As her ex-boyfriend? It might have seemed like you were her boyfriend, but you’ve never admitted it to the public, am I right?”

A twinge shot through Su Lenghan’s heart. No one else could fathom how much regret and sorrow he felt. He had no right to say anything, but he wanted to do something for her, even if it’s just small.

Su Lenghan’s face paled as he lowered his head and immersed himself in his memories. He spoke slowly, “She was very silly, mature, and understanding. Because of these qualities, she was always considerate towards me despite never giving her what she needed. It always felt like she was someone you could do with or without because I was so used to having her by my side. That’s why I neglected her and took her for granted. It felt as if she would be there whenever I turn around… I only understood after she was gone that some people and things don’t stay the same. She never asked me for any treats or favors. I knew that she likes dolls, but I was unwilling to buy one for her. When I wanted to cherish her and buy it for her, it was too late. She no longer needed it.”

Pausing for a moment, Su Lenghan tried hard to suppress the stinging emotions before continuing, “I have never celebrated her birthday or bought her any gifts. When she saw other people’s gifts, she was both envious and hopeful, but I was too stupid to care. I didn’t do anything for her… She suffered since she was young and wished for a home. At first, I don’t think she liked me a lot, but because of the marriage arrangement that our families made in secret, she placed her hopes on me, wishing for a home. When she moved out of the Yun family, she wouldn’t cry even when she was sad. When she turned around, she was smiling…”

Xie Limo listened as Su Lenghan rambled on. His expression remained calm, but his heart experienced waves of pangs. Even though he was aware of Yun Bixue’s past, hearing it from Su Lenghan’s perspective was a completely different feeling.

If it weren’t for his restraint, he would’ve already rushed to Yun Bixue’s side and embraced her, protecting her from all things that would make her sad.

After speaking, Su Lenghan took a deep breath before gulping down the tea as though it was wine, wanting to get drunk for once.

Su Lenghan laughed self-deprecatingly. “I wanted to say these even though you didn’t want to hear them. No one knows about the things hidden in my heart, but I do know that I owe Yun Bixue, and I know that I will never be able to make it up to her. Even if you look down on me, I still want to say it. I just hope you will treat her well, if you don’t—”

“There are no ifs!” Xie Limo interrupted Su Lenghan before he could finish his sentence.