Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Let Stars Fate Jewelry Disappear

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After saying those four words, a sharp and turbulent aura leaked from Xie Limo’s entire body, carrying with it the nobility and command of a superior being. At that moment, he seemed like an ancient ruler whose every single word carried significant weight.

He stood up and grabbed his coat from the chair, slinging it over his arm. He turned to Su Lenghan and bore his gaze into his eyes. “One day, you will know that what I can give her is more than anything you can ever imagine. What is a diamond ring compared to that?” After this statement, Xie Limo turned around and headed for the door.

Su Lenghan was startled and stood up at once. He spoke towards Xie Limo’s back, “I look forward to that day. I wish both of you the best. Do you know what she said? She’s very protective of you, saying that you’ve given her too much. She said that she’s contented, and as your wife, she only wished to give you warmth. She didn’t want to demand things from you.”

Xie Limo’s footsteps paused upon hearing that, and his body stiffened. His smile carried a trace of coldness, but it was so beautiful and dazzling that it could bring tears to anyone’s eyes. A twinge was felt in his heart before returning to its calm state. “Thank you!”

After speaking, Xie Limo left in a rush. His figure was still elegant and noble, but his pace carried a sense of urgency.

Once he was outside, Xie Limo ordered Xie Liu, “Make Star’s Fate Jewelry disappear from Country A at all costs.” As he said this, a murderous glint flashed across his eyes.

Stunned at what he had just heard, Xie Liu couldn’t help doubting his words. “Young Master Xie? You want to make Star’s Fate Jewelry disappear from Country A?” He couldn’t believe it. What did this Star’s Fate do to offend Young Master Xie? For him to give such an order, it must have been an unforgivable thing.

Xie Liu knew that Country A was not a place where the Xie family’s headquarters was based. There were too many variables here. Furthermore, Young Master Xie came to Ning An City carrying the responsibility of his family, so it was not a sensible thing to give such a willful order.

Aside from Star’s Fate Jewelry’s huge influence, which is over a hundred store branches in the country, this would implicate many noble families who backed the shop, including a lot of major players in Tian Jing City.

Xie Limo swept his gaze over Xie Liu, carrying a vicious intent. “You didn’t hear wrong. That’s my order. Xie Liu, accomplish this by all means. Don’t forget that Country A has Bright Moon Jewelry, which can take over Star’s Fate place.”

Xie Liu’s expression froze before he respectfully said, “Young Master Xie, I understand.” Since Young Master Xie wanted Star’s Fate to disappear, he could do it without shedding a single drop of blood. They would back up Bright Moon Jewelry to oppress Star’s Fate Jewelry via competition.

“If you understand, go and do it at once. There’s no need to follow me.”

“Understood.” Xie Liu began sending out orders and started to plan an intricate and ruthless battle against Star’s Fate Jewelry.

No one would have expected the downfall of Star’s Fate Jewelry to happen because they offended Yun Bixue. The saleslady who showed disrespect to Yun Bixue got ostracized by the entire staff, and she was fired without receiving her salary, not to mention her bonuses.

When Xie Limo returned to the villa, a glint flashed across his eyes, and his heart felt hollow at the sight of an empty house. He took off his coat and flung it on the sofa. He immediately went to the study to make a call to his mother, asking about things regarding their marriage.

Ji Qiongxin sighed and said, “Limo, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. Your father and I have tried our best and used all our efforts to get them to internationally recognize the Xie family’s Young Madam. But that requires Yun Bixue to make an appearance and greet the elders of the family. Even though they did give in after much negotiation, this was something they have emphasized. It’s a thousand-year-old rule, and your father and I don’t have the power to go against it.”