Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Your Heart Will Ache For Your Daughter In Law

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After Ji Qiongxin said those words, she did not hear anything from her son. The line remained silent. She said uneasily, “Limo, are you angry that I failed to do this task?” As his mother, she knew how seriously her son viewed this thing, but she and Xie Yaocang had already tried their best.

The Xie family was a thousand-year-old family with many rules and customs. If they were to disregard everything for Yun Bixue, it would only cause the elders to pay more attention to her, which would bring more danger to her instead.

After a while, under Ji Qiongxin’s persuasive and soothing words, Xie Limo finally replied, “Mother, I want to give her an international wedding no matter what. My wife cannot be wronged.”

“I know that. I will try my best, but we need to take a step back for now. If you can’t wait, I can go to Ning An City to arrange a small family marriage ceremony. How about that?” Ji Qiongxin was a good mother who was considerate to her son in all aspects.

Xie Limo leaned his forehead in one hand while his other hand rubbed between his brows. He slowly said, “Mother, let me consider it first. I will discuss it with Bixue.”

Ji Qiongxin was still worried and said, “Child, although you have a lot of responsibilities as the heir of our family, don’t overtire yourself. Remember to take good care of yourself, so your father and I wouldn’t have to worry. The future of the Xie family lies in your hand. Your father and I also hope that you would be able to break free from these customs in the future.”

“Yes, mother, I understand.”

“Oh, by the way, is Bixue doing fine? Is she eating well? You have to take good care of her. My heart will ache for my daughter-in-law. Women tend to keep their feelings to themselves, but it’s just so you would pay more attention to them, okay? When I was younger and more straightforward to your father, he didn’t say or express his feelings no matter how much he loved and protected me, so how would I know what he was thinking? So, with Bixue, you have to pay more attention. She’s a good child. Don’t bully her. Women are the most fragile…”

Xie Limo listened to his mother’s words seriously, and a gentle smile tugged at his lips. Once he thought of Yun Bixue, his expression softened. “Don’t worry, mother. I’ll remember your words.”

“Where’s Bixue? I’d like to talk to her. It’s been so long, and I miss her a lot.”

Xie Limo turned around to look at the empty house and felt desolated inside for a moment. His expression hardened slightly before replying, “Mother, she left for Zi Bei City to promote their drama. She wants to enter the entertainment industry.”

Ji Qiongxin sighed. “That child is such a workaholic. She’s working so hard because of you. This kind of girl is rare, so you have to cherish her. I will try again and negotiate with the elders. When the time comes, you just have to bring your wife back.”


A dangerous glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes as a thought suddenly struck him. “Mother, I will trouble you and father to look out for the people at the Elder’s Home. A person came the other day, and I think he was Third Elder.”

Ji Qiongxin was stunned. “What did you say? They really went there to find Bixue? Is Bixue okay?”

“Mother, rest assured. She’s okay. The Elder’s Home is too complicated, and at the moment, I can’t focus on it, so I’ll trouble father to oppress them first. Also, don’t let the people from the headquarters disturb her. She tends to let her thoughts run wild, so I’m worried that she would be uneasy after meeting some people. On top of that, Ning An City is also reaching its final stages.” Ning An City was the starting point for everything, so they couldn’t afford to let down their guard here.